Closets are used to store things so it’s not uncommon for the closets around here to get quickly out of control. I’ll stash things in the closet here and there and before long it’s in disarray.

Day 11 Project : Declutter, clean and organize one closet in your home.

Today’s project is a bit open ended. I chose our craft/toy rotation closet but you can choose a linen closet, a coat closet or work more in your master closet if you didn’t get that finished last week.

No matter what closet you choose, be sure to declutter, clean and organize the closet.


This little project didn’t take too long but the results were worth it. There wasn’t too much to declutter, just a few craft supplies but the closet looks much better now.


The top shelf contains scrapbooks and photo prints (I loved to scrapbook before I started blogging), the second shelf is currently our toy rotation shelf, the third one is art supplies for Paxton, the fourth contains my card box and the bottom of the closet contains my sewing machine, sewing box and fabric (and the barn that doesn’t fit on the toy rotation shelf!)

If you tackled one of you closets today, let me know which one you worked on.




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