Cleaning the bathroom, this has to be the most exciting project of the month, right? It is a job that has to be done though even though it’s far from fun.

Day 10 Project : Clean the bathroom and take out the trash.

Since we decluttered in the bathroom yesterday, today’s project really is quite simple, we’re just cleaning the bathroom, a task that we do on a regular basis anyways!

The first thing I did was remove the trash and then proceeded to clean the sink and mirrors, scrub the tub (the chore I hate the most), clean the toilet and sweep. I must admit that my toilet/toilet area has been cleaned almost daily for the past few months since Paxton has been potty training and is now pottying by himself mostly!

Isn’t it nice to have a clean bathroom? Too bad it’ll only last a day or two (or maybe a few hours around here!)



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