Creating Space in Your Home

Creating Space in Your Home

We have a very small kitchen.

Our kitchen is functional but it’s lacking storage space. All of the cabinets hold our dishes, cups, pots, pans and bowls and there is little room for food storage. All of our food was being stored in a small cabinet in the kitchen that we call the pantry.

Existing Pantry

We’ve made this space work for the past 4 years we’ve lived in our home but as our children are growing, we’re needing to purchase more food.  We’ve been cramming the small cabinet full but didn’t have enough space to truly ‘stock the pantry’.

We needed pantry space in our home.

Of course, we could remodel our kitchen or purchase a large cabinet that would take up more floor space to serve as a larger pantry but both of these options would cost money that we don’t want to spend right now.

We decide to turn one of our hall closets into a pantry.

Our 1970s home is small but we do have 2 small closets in our hall.

One of the closets was considered mine and the other was my husband’s. My closet contained my sewing machine, art supplies, scrapbooks, yearbooks and other crafty things. My husband’s closet held his tech gear – cameras, tripods, cds, hard-drives and such.

We decided that the best thing for our family was for us combine the contents of these two closets into one and use the other closet for our pantry.

While our boys were visiting grandparents for a week, we emptied the contents of both closets into their bedroom and went through the contents.

Closet Contents

I went through pictures and old scrapbooks, purging items that had no real sentimental value. I moved art and craft supplies into our school cabinet that’s in our dining room. After I put my items back into the closet, there were 3 free shelves and half of the floor space available for John David’s things.

John David purged boxes (he’s always kept tech boxes), papers, cds, videotapes and cables. He ended up with a small pile of things to sell and a pile of items to bring to church to use (he does work in church production so these things will be useful there) as well as a lot of papers and boxes to recycle. And, we ended up with 2 bags of trash between us.


In the end, we merged the contents of our two closets into one and only put one small tote (that contains cables and other miscellaneous tech stuff) in the floor of the second closet which is now our storage pantry.

New Pantry

We now have a real pantry in our home. We didn’t spend any money or knock out any walls. We just spent a few hours clearing our home of items that were no longer useful to our family and created the space we needed.

Do you have a need for more space in your home? Could you create the space you need by clearing clutter?

My new eBook, Declutter: A Workbook to Rid Your Life of Excess will help you go through your home and create space by clearing your clutter. It’s available for purchase on Amazon!

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  1. What a great post, Rachel! I love everything about it! You could have very easily justified buying a new cabinet/pantry, yet you thought outside the box…so many people either don't think to do this, or aren't willing to sacrifice/work hard to make it happen. I'm so impressed you were able to dodge a bullet, BECAUSE you are keeping your eye on the prize. I also love how many different benefits came from this: more place to store your food, more items out the door of your home (less to upkeep), hopefully a little money from sold items, helping out your church, etc… What an encouragement/inspiration you are to me, Rachel! And for anyone reading this comment, you HAVE to purchase her new ebook about Decluttering…it's AMAZING!

  2. I love this! We've made similar shifts in our small 1950s house. In fact, to get ourselves a pantry space in our tiny kitchen, we decided to abandon a door (since our house had two back doors) and place shelves in front of it. We're slowly working our way through the rest of our house, getting rid of things, re-purposing, and even re-envisioning the spaces so that this small house will continue to work well for our growing family.

    1. That's a great idea to create shelving in front of the 'extra' door! And, re-envisioning your space is a huge part of making a smaller home work for your family long term.

  3. It is always such a blessing to utilize space that is already taking up space, if that makes sense! I love being able to re-think a closet area, an existing shelf or cupboard, or a drawer, because those things are permanently there already, rather than adding another piece of furniture or storage gadget. On our journey to living more minimal, we always get excited at our house, when we are able to completely clear a shelf, closet, cupboard or drawer! I really enjoyed reading this post! 🙂

  4. I love this post. Often, I read blog posts about organization or creating more space, and they all have one thing in common: buying extra stuff to be organized/make space. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that if one has the means and desires. But, it's just nice to see a post that creates space and organization through some time and de-cluttering. I recently re-did my linen closet, and by re-did I mean got rid of 70% of the "just in case" sheets and towels I was hoarding. Now it's so spacious and nice. Simple living for the win. 🙂

    1. I agree, it's crazy to go buy more stuff to 'organize'. It's much easier and cheaper to just purge what you don't need and free up space to better organize what you're keeping.

  5. Love your solution! Before buying our home, we lived in a couple older small rentals. I needed to get creative for pantry/storage space. The 2nd home had a "linen closet" that I used for a pantry instead: I didn't care what it was called! It worked.:-)

    That same house had a room with 2 doorways. The one doorway had kind of an alcove. I got the idea to put one of our bookcases in there to store some of our kitchen appliances on since there was no space in the kitchen. A curtain from thrifted fabric and a tension rod in the doorway made a nice little closet.

    1. That's a great idea to repurpose the doorway! In our first apartment (which was less than 600 square feet and had a tiny kitchen), we also used our 'linen' closet as the pantry.

  6. I LOVED this post!!! Even in “small” homes there is always space if you’re creative enough to find it!

    Good for you guys purging even more! I’m excited to do the same (again!) as I work through your new book!

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