Creating a Daily Routine

I love structure and organization so you’d think having a daily routine would come naturally. It doesn’t.

I’ll create an incredibly detailed schedule that I want to follow but it ends up being too structured so I go back to my unstructured ways!

After creating my time budget, I drafted a detailed, hour by hour schedule that I wanted to follow. Before I even attempted to implement the new schedule, I realized that taking baby steps towards small routines throughout the day is the best way to go!

Here are my small routines to make up my daily routine:

6:45-9:00 Morning Routine

Waking, dressing, quiet time, writing, breakfast

12:00 Lunch Routine

Prepping a quick lunch, cleaning up (involving Paxton in the process), reading the remainder of the hour

1:00-3:00 Rest Time

Naps/resting. Right now Weston is not napping during the day, my plan is to nurse him lying down and hope he’ll nap. I’ll nap too and once he is in a deep sleep hopefully be able to leave him so I can have a few uninterrupted minutes. Either way, I’ll be refreshed during the afternoon.

5:00-7:00 Dinner Routine

Prep dinner, eat dinner as a family, clean up the kitchen

7:30 Bedtime Routine for Boys

Teeth brushed, pajamas on, reading and prayers before lights out around 8:00

9:30 Bedtime Routine for Us

Turning electronic devices off, winding down (I’ve been having difficulties sleeping lately which is because I go, go, go until I climb into bed and then turn off the light and expect to sleep, I need some wind down time at the end of my days(, lights out around 10:30 (we’ve realized the success of our morning routine begins by going to bed at a decent hour!)

Week 5 Project: Continue to implement a daily routine.

It takes effort to establish routines so we’re continuing to focus on that. Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, we’ll be working in the kitchen over the few weeks in order to simplify in that area of home management!

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