Cloth Diapering Two

When Weston was on the way, I was so intimidated by the thought of cloth diapering two! You’d think after cloth diapering for over a year and a half, I’d just need to purchase more diapers and we’d be ready for our new addition. It really was that simple but I definitely over thought it at the time worrying about the ‘perfect’ number of diapers and the wash routine.

After cloth diapering two for 6 months, I can honestly say it is not easy {nothing about having two littles ones is} but it’s not hard either. 

With Paxton, we had 24 diapers which was a comfortable amount with our wash routine. By the time Weston arrived and I began cloth diapering at 2 weeks, we had added 18 more diapers bringing our total diapers to 42. This was a comfortable amount of diapers for two children. I never ran out of diapers but there were a few days that I’d be a bit nervous when we were down to one or two diapers while the inserts were in the dryer!

My wash routine was every day and a half and sometimes every day! Washing large loads of 24-30 diapers wasn’t getting the diapers clean, so I split the loads up washing covers/pockets separate from inserts/prefolds/wipes. I’d line dry the covers and dry the inserts in the dryer and by the time the inserts were out of the dryer, the covers would have line dried.

Cloth diapering two definitely means you’re doing laundry a lot more often but every time I’d do a load of laundry, I’d remind myself of all the disposables that weren’t going in the trash as well as the money I was saving (I can’t imagine the expense of two in disposable diapers!)

If you’re thinking about cloth diapering two babies, don’t over think it or worry about it too much. Find the amount of diapers you’re comfortable with and involve your husband in the wash routine so you get an occasional break from the constant laundry!

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  1. Thanks for this post! I'm about 6 weeks into cloth diapering two and cannot BELIEVE the amount of diaper loads I"m doing. It helps that my first boy is potty training so he has fewer diapers… but whew! I'm glad to hear it slows down a bit. I had forgotten that they just pee constantly in these early days. Still love the cloth though!

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