Cloth Christmas Bags

Trying to have a ‘green’ Christmas isn’t easy.  Over the past few years, I’ve been taking steps towards using green wrapping. I try to use recycled materials like newspapers and paper that comes in packages as well as reusing gift bags we’ve been given the previous year.

One of my favorite ways to wrap presents is using cloth Christmas bags which can be reused over and over, making them very ‘green’.

Making cloth Christmas bags is so simple. Mine are not super fancy and the edges aren’t serged but they’re adorable and I love that they’ll be reused over and over in our family.

The best part, they cost nothing but about an hour of time – I had several different Christmas fabrics in my fabric stash.

Cloth Christmas Bag Fabric

Step 1: Cut out your fabric in a rectangular shape. The size doesn’t matter, just base it upon how big you want your finished bags. I made several bags of varying sizes to hold both large and small gifts.

Hem Fabric

Step 2: Hem the edges of the fabric that will become the top of the bag. This step makes them look much neater.

Fold Fabric

Step 3: Fold your rectangle over with the hemmed edges touching and sew up the sides.

Cloth Christmas Bag

Step 4: You’ve sewn a cloth Christmas bag! All that’s left now is finding the perfect gift to place in your bag and tying it up with a ribbon.

Gift in Cloth Christmas Bag

Isn’t this cute? I used scrap ribbon (mostly ‘recycled’ from gifts I’ve received in the past) to tie up my bags.

Unwrapping Presents

We’ve been using cloth Christmas bags a few years now and love that they help prevent waste.

Are you taking any steps towards a ‘green’ Christmas? If so, what are you doing? 



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