Choosing to Live Small


When we bought our modest 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath brick ranch, we were a family of 3.

We paid thousands less than the initial house budget we had set and tens of thousands less than the mortgage amount we qualified for. 1,300 square feet was more than enough space for our family and we loved the large fenced in back yard.

Around the same time we purchased this home, we also started living minimally. We purged our already simplified home of excess, changed our shopping habits and minimized our wardrobes. We started realizing the benefits of living in a smaller space and living with less.

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  1. Hi, Rachel, It was so nice to "meet" you today! I so enjoyed your post, and it sounds like your family and ours has a lot in common. I am getting ready to subscribe to your blog now. đŸ™‚ God bless you and your family!!

  2. Hi, Rachel. It's nice to meet you. I "found" you over on Smallish today, who I found via Joshua Becker. Anyway, while I was reading your post, I saw your amazing wall art- He must increase… Would you please tell me about that? It is tugging at my heart.

  3. I also like small houses. At least they are easy to maintain assignment writing service uk. But if you have the big house then much care you should do for this place. So that is why I always prefer to have a small house. I have a big house and I am really happy living in my home sweet home.

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