Homeschool, public school or private school? These three schooling options often make parents defensive and is a topic of heated discussion.

I’ve mentioned planning to homeschool a time or two and a few months back received this question:

“Will you share why you’re choosing to homeschool over sending your child to traditional public school?”

I’ll start with my background. I went to public school K-12 and then went on to a public university. I’m very much so a product of the public school system.

All through school, I wished my mama would homeschool me, it seemed like such a wonderful way to learn. I was an avid reader but during the school years never had time to read for pleasure because I was always reading boring textbooks, doing endless homework, studying for tests, working on ‘group projects’ or writing papers. I rarely had free time to pursue my passions.

Once I graduated from college, I finally was free to pursue my interests! I’ve turned into more of a learner in the past 4 years since graduating college than I did all through school.

Since I had a wish to be homeschooled as a child, I naturally was interested in becoming a homeschooling parent. While I was pregnant with Paxton, I started researching homeschooling. I began reading homeschool books, blogs and talking to other homeschool mamas. In the years since his birth, my husband and I have a pretty good understanding of different methods of homeschooling and at this point are undecided exactly which method(s) we’ll be using but we do know we’ll be homeschooling. {I really think the method we use will depend on the child and their learning interests.}

Our driving force behind our decision to homeschool is simply education.

  • We believe children are born ready to learn and that school thwarts some of that learning.
  • We also know that boys learn differently than girls and most public elementary school settings are more geared towards learning styles of girls.
  • We don’t want the passion for learning to be squelched by school which was the case for both of us.
  • We like the flexibility that homeschooling offers. No worrying about getting out of the house on time every morning, no carpool lines and no dealing with makeup work for absences.
  • And, I really like spending time with my children and look forward to teaching and learning alongside them daily for years to come!

To us, there are numerous benefits in homeschooling.

Paxton isn’t even 3 yet and we’re not officially homeschooling but the reality is we’ve been homeschooling all along.

Babies are born ready to learn. Both of our boys are like sponges so we’ve read to them, talked to them, exposed them to different genres of music and believe in following their interests.

Little Drummer

At 2.5, Paxton loves music. He received his first guitar and drum with mini drumsticks at 20 months. He adores the worship leaders at church, he even knows the guitars they play! He loves going to music stores {he’ll pick a guitar store over a toy store!} At the age of two, he was creating his own drum set with his toy drum and metal buckets. A few months after turning two, he had his own mini drum kit. And, it’s played with all the time.

Right now, we’re following an unschooling approach by fostering his love for music and instruments. He has a drum kit, an acoustic guitar and a Paper Jamz guitar with an amp. John David takes him to local guitar/music stores to expose him to different instruments and we listen to a lot of music. He is soaking up knowledge about music due to his interest in it.

And, we’re excited about following this same approach with Weston as his little personality is emerging more and more!

That’s a summary of why we’re choosing to homeschool. We simply think it’s the best fit for our family.

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