Chicken Coop

A chicken coop can be a large expense and often stands in the way of making the dream of having backyard chickens a reality.

When we made the decision that we wanted chickens, having nice housing for them was a priority. We wanted a nice coop that would be easy to clean and roomy enough for a couple of hens but we didn’t want to spend over $100.

Thankfully, it is possible to have a nice chicken coop without spending a ton of money. We were able to modify a chicken coop quite frugally. Sure, it’s not a fancy coop but it’s nice, keeps our chickens housed and didn’t cost much!

We found our coop via Craigslist for $30! John David did some modifications and made the plain little coop into a nice ‘chicken tractor’ (moveable coop) for our hens.


Nice, sturdy little coop with a teeny yard.


John David expanded the yard portion and added wheels to make a ‘chicken tractor’.

He spent $19.01 on the wheels and parts to attach the wheels and $12.89 on the chicken wire.


The ‘back door’ was just a piece of mesh stapled onto the back of the coop.



He created a door and latch that is much more practical than stapled on screen!


He installed a roost in the coop for the chickens. (It was just an empty ‘room’.)


He added a feed box so we could feed them from the outside.

Cost of our chicken coop:

  • Coop $30
  • Chicken Wire $12.89
  • Wheels and Parts $19.01
  • Wood for roost/feed box FREE (he salvaged wood we already had from previous projects and an old fence!)

Total: $51.90

(If we ever decide we’re tired of having backyard chickens, we’re confident that we can sell our coop for what we paid for it.)

Our hens rarely are ever in their coop! We have a large, fenced in back yard and we let them roam ‘free range’. John David built a laying boxes house for them near some bushes they like to relax around.  They go into their coop each night to roost and the rest of the time they’re foraging in the yard or lounging under the deck or under the bushes.

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  1. Ah, happy chickens. I'm hoping that the next place we live is closer to happy chickens so I can get happy chicken eggs. The hubby is not a fan of having chickens, so I'm settling for a garden. 🙂

    1. Ours have been so, so easy so far! Just keep them watered and fed. We kind of consider them pets since we don't have any cats or dogs…but they're purposeful pets since we get fresh eggs!

    1. Yes! And our backyard is looking so much better since they're free ranging…they pull up the weeds since they don't want to eat them and then of course the poo is spread throughout too! 🙂

  2. How fun! I wish I could have a chicken coop but I am sure my neighbors around my quarter acre subdivision lot would not be too happy about that. One day maybe…

    I love that your chickens are "free-range"! Unfortunately my dog would probably chase them around and scare them to death so I'd have to come up with a different solution. I'd love to see a post about how you came to own chickens, costs/labor associated with it. Do you sell the eggs or use them all?

    1. I plan to share more about the 'economics' of the chickens sometime soon. They've not been laying regularly yet so we are just eating them but we plan to sell to a few friends once they start laying more.

  3. Such a nice chicken coop you've made within a very affordable price! I'm impressed and just wanted to say you alive my backyard chicken farming dream. Thanks for sharing some exceptional planning.

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