Celebrating Birthdays Minimally

We’ve decided to celebrate our kids’ birthdays with gifts of experience since we don’t like clutter and prefer making memories over things.

Paxton turned 2 on the 16th but we’ve been celebrating him all month!

His big birthday gift from us was a trip to The Aquarium of the Smokies! Since he loves fish and penguins, we knew he’d love this experience and we were correct, he had a blast {and we did too!}

Birthday Weekend Activities:

  • He picked out dinner on the Friday night before his birthday. He chose hot dogs!
  • We went to a free movie at church after dinner. It was the first movie he’s watched and Paxton sat through the entire thing! {We were blown away!}
  • Saturday we took him underwear shopping! We made a big deal out of his big boy underwear in hopes he’d get excited and potty train. {Unfortunately, he much prefers his diaper!}
  • Sunday, we went to a birthday party of one of Paxton’s little buddies who is a week older! Paxton enjoyed playing at the park and being with his little friends.
  • Papaw came for a visit Sunday night and we went out for pizza!

On his actual birthday, he opened presents from grandparents throughout the day {we gave him a present every few hours to spread out the fun!} After lunch, we sang happy birthday and let him blow out the candle on his birthday brownie and ice cream! {He enjoyed his treat!}

We went to the local children’s museum where we have a membership and played for an hour. Since it was an hour before closing, it wasn’t crowded which was nice for independent toddler play! This was also our first trip where Weston wasn’t sleeping in the sling or nursing so he was able to participate in some of the activities with big brother!

One of the highlights for Paxton was meeting up with the other birthday boy, Papaw, for dinner! We enjoyed hamburgers and sweet potato fries at a local restaurant!

We celebrated his birthday minimally with no gifts {you really can’t count underwear as a gift for a child!} However, he did receive a few gifts from grandparents and other family members. He received a couple small toys, a few books and some clothes which added to his minimal wardrobe.

We all had a wonderful time celebrating this sweet little boy we’ve been blessed with and made lots of special memories!

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  1. How great to have a museum membership so you can go whenever you'd like, for as long (or short) as you'd like and not worry about that pesky admission price!

    This looks like it was a blast of a birthday weekend for Paxton! I need to work on moving our birthdays in this direction. I usually feel pressure from (his) family to do something larger than I'd like. It just gets stressful and I wish I could relax and enjoy things more!

    1. It is nice that we can go for only an hour and not feel like we've wasted money (and with a toddler and a baby most times an hour is all we can do…I know you understand!!) This birthday weekend was so much fun and we actually spend less (including the $50 aquarium admission) than we did for his small party last year!

  2. I think the picture of Paxton and Papaw is probably one of the best pictures I've ever seen! They look so much alike and they are definitely having a blast. What a sweet picture of the birthday boys!!!

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