Cecilia’s Nursery


Since Cecilia will be 1 tomorrow, I thought it was about time to share a little tour of her nursery.

Before she was born, we had the crib in the boys room. The plan was for all 3 kids to share a bedroom and have a playroom. Once she was born, we decided that separating the boys from the baby might be the best thing for everybody’s sleep. Plus, I had a daughter and could decorate with pink!! We turned the former playroom into Cecilia’s nursery.

This room actually has been a nursery 3 times now – it was Paxton’s original bedroom when we moved into this house, it was Weston’s room for a few months when we separated the boys and now is her room.

The crib was originally Weston’s, I bought hot pink with white polka dot cribs sheets, made the bunting banner (using a simple tutorial from Sewing School 101) and spray painted the ‘C’ teal.

Changing Table

We bought this dresser changing table when I was pregnant with her and sold our open shelving changing table. Our family made most of the elements of her gallery wall, the boys painted the canvas on the upper left, her daddy made her ribbon holder and I painted the other 4 canvases.

Rocking Chair

I also painted the ‘ABC’ canvas and we moved the rocking chair from the living room into her nursery. (This rocking chair was a Christmas present from John David before we had babies! When he gave it to me, I just knew I’d use it to rock babies to sleep in the future – I was right, it’s gotten a lot of rocking so far!)

ClosetHere’s a glimpse in her closet. That big tote holds hand-me-downs for the future and the drawers currently hold clothes that she’ll soon grow into. She has a few dresses hanging and a few sweaters in the basket but most of her clothes are stored in the dresser.

We currently keep very few toys in her room. We keep a small basket in her that holds her baby doll, a few teethers, soft books and a few little baby toys. Babies really don’t need much stuff! She also has some chunky puzzles and wooden blocks in our learning area. And, honestly, she prefers playing with brothers toys or a cardboard box over any of her baby toys.

So, that’s Cecilia’s sweet little nursery. Very simple and minimal with girly touches of hot pink and teal!

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  1. Such a sweet nursery! I keep my childrens room (they share) pretty minimal too, and I love how open and liveable it feels. I'm glad to see another mom who does the same thing (since sometimes I feel like I'm alone it it!). Love the gallery wall…you did a great job!

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