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    1. Thank you Molly! The boys went out to breakfast with their daddy the morning she was born and picked out this hairbow for her. It was a fun surprise for mama! 🙂

  1. I'm so eager to hear your story! My baby girl is five months old already–my first birth, also at home. It was worth it, even if I had no pain medication. Being at home meant I didn't have any pressure to have a c-section during my long labor.

    We did foster care for lots of little boys, so finally having a girl has been so much fun. You're going to love it, Rachel! I am laughing, though, as I think of your minimalist self dealing with the many, many girlie clothes I predict you'll soon be getting as gifts from all your interested family and friends. : )

    1. Homebirth is wonderful – so calm and different from a hospital environment! And, I'm learning that it's going to be much harder to be minimal with a girl. We've already been blessed with hand-me-downs and gifts and it's all so adorable!

  2. Congratulations!!! She is beautiful!! I just stopped by thinking that it might be quiet, because you were a little "busy".

  3. Congratulations! So exciting!!! It's funny – after you posted your son's birth stories, I was going to comment and ask you if you had ever thought about doing a home birth. That answers my question!

  4. Rachel,

    I'm so so so excited to hear the birth story but be patient with yourself – myself and all eager ready for the story know you are busy as you adapt to three!

    1. I am definitely taking things much slower this time – my midwife ordered no housework for 1 week and I accepted help.I have journaled the story but now need to condense it a bit to share here. And, need to find the time! 🙂

  5. What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations!! I bet Paxton and Weston are thrilled to have a baby sister 🙂

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