Small Fall and Winter Wardrobe

I believe a simple wardrobe makes getting dressed easier (which is especially important when you have 2 little ones).

As I’ve pared down my wardrobe over the past few years, I’ve changed my thinking about clothing. I used to just purchase items whenever I found good deals with little thought of whether I loved the piece or even if I had anything to wear it with.

Now, I stick to a certain color scheme, only buy items I love and don’t mind spending a little extra money on quality (although, I typically purchase second hand so I’m able to get quality pieces for reasonable prices!)

My philosophy on clothing may seem boring to some and I will acknowledge I am not ‘into fashion’ but I honestly feel like I am able to dress nicer now.

My fall and winter wardrobe is quite small but thanks to having a color scheme (blacks, greys, purples and teals mainly), most things are mix and match which helps make my small wardrobe seem larger!

Clothing in the closet (both hanging & on shelves):

  • 6 short sleeve shirts (green print, blue/white stripe, grey, 3 black)
  • 4 long sleeve shirts (navy/cream stripe, teal/white stripe, purple, black)
  • 6 sweaters (black card, green card, grey oversized, black cable, grey turtle, blue v-neck)
  • 4 dresses (paisley print, red polka dot, black, black/grey stripe sweater dress)
  • 4 bottoms (teal skinnies, khakis, black dress bottoms, black leggings)
  • 1 black skirt
  • 5 pair of jeans (3 of these are nice, the other 2 are ‘lounge’ jeans)
  • 3 jackets (black fleece, black pea coat, heavy coat)
Clothing in my dresser (worn at home/as pajamas):
  • 4 short sleeve t-shirts
  • 3 long sleeve shirts
  • 2 yoga pants
  • 2 pajama pants

That’s it, all the clothing I own for this fall/winter.


Day 6 :: Purging the Master Closet

Yesterday we removed everything that didn’t belong in the master. Today we’re purging, a perfect Saturday afternoon task!

Day 6 Project : Purge and organize clothing in your closet and dresser(s).

I’m sure you’ve heard that we tend to wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. I know it was true for me and over the past few years, I’ve simplified my wardrobe more and more to where I pretty much wear all of my clothing on a regular basis – because I don’t have much!

My method for cleaning out the closet is a bit messy and requires some time. I pull every stitch of clothing out of the closet and then start by putting back the items that I love (you know the things you wear 80% of the time!) Once my favorites are back in the closet, I go through the rest, removing the items I know I haven’t worn in a long time and then try on the remainder of the clothes and evaluate whether it needs to stay or go.

When I went through our closet the last time, I was amazed at what all we let go of. Our small closet seemed pretty clutter free before I started but there were still over 50 items that we weren’t wearing or that were ill fitting.

My wardrobe is quite minimal but believe it or not, I never lament “I have nothing to wear” because everything in my closet is something I feel good in and love to wear!

Please don’t compare your closet to mine. My wardrobe is simple because I like it that way. There is nothing wrong with having 20 shirts and 10 pair of jeans, if you love them all.  Remember though, purging your wardrobe of the items you rarely wear and things that don’t fit is a step in the right direction to simplifying the task of choosing what to wear each day.


A Minimal Wardrobe

Over the past two years, I’ve been changing my thinking about clothing.

I used to browse stores and purchase whatever fit and was on sale without any thought to my wardrobe and whether it was a practical piece to purchase. I had a closet full of clothes but ‘nothing to wear.’ Now that I have a minimal wardrobe getting dressed is easier!

Along with changing my way of thinking about purchasing, I’ve been simplifying the clothing I already had. Over the past two years {and two moves}, I have gone from a walk in closet with 2 racks full of clothing to a small shared closet in which my wardrobe only takes up about 1/3 of the space. I’ve purged my wardrobe every few months and have consigned, donated and even hosted a clothing swap and truly believe that less is more when it comes to clothing!

My spring/summer wardrobe:


  • 6 shirts {white/tan sweater, green top, grey tee, 3 black tees with different necklines}
  • 3 dresses {navy/cream stripes, red with white polka dots, black}
  • 2 pair capris {denim and khaki}
  • 1 pair khakis
  • 3 pair of dress pants {cream, grey, black}
  • 4 pair of jeans
  • 2 pair of shorts {denim, grey}
  • 3 cardigans {light green, black, green}
I also have a drawer with lounge clothing which contains:
  • 2 pair black yoga capris
  • 1 pair pajama capris
  • 2 skirts
  • 1 cotton dress
  • 6 t-shirts

Change your thinking when shopping for clothing:

  • Don’t browse for things you don’t need. I have 4 pair of jeans that fit me perfectly so I don’t even browse for jeans because I don’t need them.
  • Have a list and stick to it! Just like sticking to your grocery list to make the most of your grocery budget, have a list of clothing items you need or really want to make shopping easier.
  • Know what colors make you look bad. I know the colors that make me look washed out {like pale pink, tan and light yellow} so I avoid those colors.
  • Know the colors that you look amazing in. I look best in darker colors {black, grey, dark purple and green} so those are the colors I purchase.
  • Spending more on a quality piece is worth it. I’d rather spend $30 on one top that is a quality piece that looks fabulous on me and that I’ll wear over and over instead of purchasing 6 that I found for $5 on a clearance rack. Who cares if they were ‘only $5’ if you only wear the top once before donating it?

What kind of wardrobe do you have? Is your closet stuffed with clothing but you have nothing to wear, do you like a simple wardrobe or are you somewhere in between?


Clothing Swap

We all have clothes in our closet that we don’t wear. They aren’t our style, we’re tired of them or maybe they just don’t fit. After a recent closet purge, I had a box full of clothes that were too big, too small and maternity items that I never wore during my last pregnancy.

Instead of donating all of those clothes, I thought it would be fun to gather with friends for a clothing swap! We’re not all the same size but we all had a wide size range of clothing in our wardrobes since most of us have had a baby or two within the past few years.

The date, time and location were planned and each woman was asked to bring the clothes, shoes and accessories they no longer wanted to the swap.

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