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Bamboo Fitted Review

For the past 5.5 years, I’ve had a baby in cloth diapers. Changing and washing diapers is just part of my daily routine.

My ‘baby’ is currently 20 months old and while she’s showing signs of potty readiness, we’re still at least a few months away from packing up the diapers.

Most of her diapers were handed down from big brothers and a lot of them are quite worn out so having the opportunity to try out new cloth diapers in pretty, girly colors is fun for both of us.

Joysdiaper Fitted

Our newest diaper is a Bamboo Fitted from Joysdiaper, it’s a lovely shade of purple with rainbow trim and is very soft.

This fitted diaper is a one size diaper and can be adjusted to fit babies weighing 6-35 pounds.

The outer is made of bamboo cotton velour consisting of 55% bamboo fiber, 23% cotton and 22% polyester.

Joysdiaper Inside of Fitted

The inner is made of bamboo cotton fleece consisting of 70% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton. I love that the part that touches baby is made up of 100% natural fibers and bamboo is not only soft, it’s also very absorbent and hypoallergenic. Each of these diapers comes with 2 bamboo fiber inserts.

Snaps in Joysdiaper Fitted

One of the inserts snaps directly into the diaper to hold it into place. It’s probably the only insert you’ll need for diapering smaller babies and for daytime use.

Joysdiaper Fitted Inside

The second insert serves as a doubler to provide extra absorption. It does not snap in, but it does go directly under the insert that is snapped in which helps hold it into place.

This bamboo fitted stuffed with 2 bamboo inserts and paired with a PUL cover (we use Econobum with it), makes an excellent nighttime diaper for our heavy wetting toddler.

Cecilia is showing signs of potty readiness and when she does wear it during the day, I put it on her without inserts or a cover, treating it more like training underwear than a diaper. Since it is a natural fiber, she feels wetness more than if she’s wearing a pocket diaper with stay dry fabrics against her skin.

Joysdiaper on Toddler

If you are interested in giving fitted diapers a try or want to add more to your stash, look into Joysdiaper Bamboo Fitteds! They’re great quality and only $13.95 each.

Joysdiaper is a mom-owned small business with personalized customer service and quality products. In addition to Bamboo Fitteds, they also make One Size Bamboo Charcoal Pocket Diapers and One Size Pocket Diapers. We’ve have a Joysdiaper pocket diaper which is a high quality, well designed pocket diaper at a very affordable price!


Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Joysdiaper who provided products and payment. All opinions are my own. 


Interested in cloth diapering your baby?

Check out my eBook, Cloth Diapers: A How-To Handbook on the Basics of Cloth Diapering. It’s a great resource covering different types of cloth diapers, diaper wash routines, using cloth diapers outside the home and more. It’s $3.99 to buy or FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

Washing MachineTo My Washing Machine,

Thank you so much for being such a faithful worker in our home.

You serve me well each week as I wash our clothes, towels and bedding.

I am thankful for you every other day when I start a load of cloth diapers.

You make doing laundry a simple task.

And, after a bout with a stomach bug, I am even more thankful for you.

I can toss bedding and clothes that are covered with throw up in and hit the ‘rinse’ button and you take care of the icky mess.

Once you’ve rinsed, I simply add in detergent, hit another button and 48 minutes later, clean laundry emerges.

You’ve worked hard these past few days, working nearly non-stop.

Thank you for washing our laundry.

And, thank you so much for having a rinse cycle and making cleaning up throw up just a bit easier.



We’ve been dealing with a weird stomach bug over the past few days. Cecilia has thrown up multiple times- including all over both of us while I was wearing her in the Boba at a church picnic. Ick. Even though she’s throwing up, she seems just fine and is playing like normal. I’m looking forward to whatever this is being over and I really am so thankful for my washing machine!

Buttons Cloth Diapers
We’ve been cloth diapering since the birth of our first child, over 5 years ago and the majority of the cloth diapers we’ve been using for our third baby were used on both of her older brothers. After 4-5 years of nearly continuous use on 3 babies, our diapers have been well loved and many of them have been ‘decommissioned’.

A few months ago, it became obvious that we needed to purchase a few more diapers in order to continue cloth diapering full time. I really didn’t want to purchase any more diapers but knew the investment of a few cloth diapers would save money in the long run instead of having to use disposables.

I decided to do a little research on cloth diapers and look into some different cloth diaper brands that have debuted since we purchased cloth diapers last. I’m so glad I did because this research led me to Buttons Diapers.

Buttons Diapers is a small, family owned business. Their goal is for their diapers to be easy to use and affordable for everyone.

I love that by purchasing Buttons Diapers, you are supporting a small business, run by a young family who values simple and sustainable living – just like my family!

Diaper Cover + Insert

Buttons Diapers are an all-in-two cloth diapering system which consists of a cover and a separate insert. The cover is a one-size cover which fits most babies from 9-35 pounds.

The cover is made of high quality PUL and comes in a variety of colors and cute prints. The solid covers are priced at $11 and prints are $12.50.

The inside of the cover has two snaps where you can easily snap in your Buttons inserts. Or you can use this cover with inexpensive prefolds, which is what we do.

Buttons Inserts

You can purchase a variety of inserts to meet your babies needs:

  • Microfiber Daytime Insert
  • Microfiber Nighttime Doubler
  • Hemp/Cotton Daytime Insert
  • Hemp/Cotton Nighttime Doublers

The inserts are available in size small (9-20 pounds) and large (20-35 pounds).

Our Buttons inserts are size large since Cecilia is 17 months old and weighs 21 pounds. They both work well but I really like the hemp/cotton blend insert. Plus, I prefer natural fibers to synthetic ones.

Double Leg Gussets

One of my favorite features of the Buttons diaper cover is the double leg gussets. This is a very nice feature and which makes this a nice all-in-two cover for exclusively breastfed babies. (I’ve never had much success with all-in-twos or prefolds/covers with the explosive exclusively breastfed baby poo).
Buttons Cloth DiaperI have been very pleased with our Buttons cover and especially love the color (Midnight).

If we need more diapers before Cecilia starts using the potty, Buttons will be my first choice!

To purchase:

Disclosure – I received a Buttons Diapers cover and 2 inserts in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

Reusable Menstrual Products

When I was in college, I started dipping my toes into ‘green’ living. We started using cloth napkins and traded our paper towels for reusable rags and cloths and I first learned about reusable menstrual products. I purchased a menstrual cup and used it off and on for a couple of years before the birth of my first baby.

When I was preparing for the birth of my second child, I decided to use reusable pads postpartum. I knew it wouldn’t be any extra work to just throw them in with the cloth diaper wash. I purchased a mix of heavy and regular pads to use postpartum.

The cloth pads were so much more comfortable than any disposable pad I’ve ever worn. 

Once my cycle resumed after the birth of my second baby, I was only using cloth pads, liners and my menstrual cup. I completely stopped using disposable products because I love the reusables.

Having a stash of cloth pads (a mix of overnight and day pads) is wonderful for postpartum. I’ve used my cloth pads after the births of my second and third baby. For my monthly period, typically all I use is the menstrual cup paired with a liner.

My period is no longer something I dread or hate because my menstrual cup paired with a cloth liner is so comfortable!

I have found that reusable pads and liners are not all the same. After trying out several different brands made of different fabrics, I learned that I prefer cotton flannel. It’s soft, comfortable, absorbs well and holds up great to repeated washes.

GladRags Pantyliners

My preferred liners are my GladRags pantyliners. The GladRags color pantyliner is very small at 6 3/4″ long by 2 3/4″ wide but it’s very comfortable and you barely notice it’s there yet it provides adequate backup menstrual cup coverage. The color pantyliner plus is 8.5″ long and 3″ wide and provides great coverage both as backup to the menstrual cup and for light days.

One of my favorite things about GladRags is the company itself. It’s a small business and all GladRags are made in the United States. GladRags come in fun, colorful prints like strawberries, cherries, dots and flowers and they also sell undyed, organic cotton ones.

Reasons to Use Reusable Menstrual Products:

  • Your Health – You’re not exposing your delicate parts to the chemicals that are used in disposables.
  • Your Comfort – Reusables are so much more comfortable than disposables which helps make your period more pleasant.
  • The Environment – When you choose to reuse, you’re keeping waste out of landfills.
  • Your Budget – Reusable products do cost more up front, but over time you will save a lot over time.

How do you wash cloth pads and liners? 

  • Since I’m currently cloth diapering, I typically just wash them along with our diaper laundry.
  • When I use a menstrual cup paired with a cloth liner, the liner is used for backup and rarely gets very soiled. I will just toss these liners in with my regular laundry.
  • You can store the pads/liners in a wet pail to help prevent staining and then toss them into your regular wash when you have a load of laundry.

Where can you buy GladRags?

  • Directly from the GladRags website. Right now, they’re offering 1 color pantyliner plus for only $5.95 to Intentionally Simple readers so they can give cloth liners a try!
  • Some brick and mortar stores like Earth Fare and Whole Foods carry them and some cloth diaper retailers also carry GladRags.

Where should I start? 

The easiest way to try out reusable menstrual products is to start with cloth liners. Buy a 3-5 liners and give them a try. If you love them, maybe purchase a few pads next or purchase a menstrual cup to pair with your liners.

Have any more questions? 

If you are interested in learning more about reusable menstrual products, GladRags has a Reusables 101 page on their website. There are frequently asked questions, a chart to help you decide which products will work best for you, a video gallery and more.


Disclosure: I was provided with 2 GladRags liners to review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. This post contains affiliate links.