Simple Wardrobe from (mostly) Hand-me-Downs

Simple Wardrobe

When it comes to preparing my boys wardrobes for the upcoming season, I use the same process to access their needs but readying my younger son for the next season is much easier (and cheaper) since I have a bin of hand-me-downs to work with.

Here’s the process for my younger son:

Todddler Hand-me-downs

I simply pull out the bin of clothes in his next size range that his big brother wore and we pretty much have a wardrobe that is ready to go!

The contents of his bin for this fall/winter was mostly made up of hand-me-downs from big brother* but there were also a few pieces that were still large on him at the end of last winter (his sweater vest, a hooded sweater and button up shirt.) I also picked up a dino t-shirt on clearance for $2.50 back in May, it matches the one I purchased for big brother then too!

*You’ll notice there really aren’t a ton of hand-me-downs. I’m very selective when it comes to saving clothing, I only keep favorite items, clothes in good condition and a few play clothes. There is not room in our home to save everything.


2 button ups

1 hooded sweater

4 t-shirts

2 pair of pajamas

1 jacket

1 sweater vest

7 pair of pants

Current Clothes

Then I assessed what he was currently wearing to see what would transition into the cooler months.

2 hoodies

1 rain jacket

1 sweater vest

2 pair of pajamas

At this point, there was nothing he really needed since I do laundry so frequently but thought another t-shirt or two would be nice for extra variety!

New Clothes

Items I purchased:

Jeans $1 (yardsale)

Black Tee $4 (WalMart)

Born to Rock Tee $3 (Carters Gift Card)

Total Spent: $8


His entire fall/winter wardrobe:

7 t-shirts/sweaters

6 pants

2 dress shirts

2 sweater vests

1 khaki pant

4 play pants (3 pair not pictured)

3 play shirts (not pictured)

4 pajama sets

5 pieces of outerwear (2 hoodies, 1 rain jacket, 1 fleece jacket, 1 thick jacket that’s not pictured)

This simple wardrobe is what works for us. Since we’re working on using the potty, he has several more pair of pants than his big brother (some days we go through 4 pair due to accidents so an excess of pants is necessary for a child this age).

Benefits of a simple child’s wardrobe:

  • Less clothing to organize and find storage for.
  • Costs less. Not having a large wardrobe means you spend less on clothing!
  • Easier to get dressed! It’s easier for the child to pick out their own clothes since they aren’t bombarded with a drawer/closet stuffed with clothes.

Do you have a hand-me-down source for your children (either sibling, family member or friend)? Do the hand-me-downs make up a majority of their wardrobes?

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March at Our Home

March was a full month for our family.

We started the month out of town celebrating John David’s mamaw’s 80th birthday. We ended up traveling back to East Tennessee two more times during the month.

Cute Baby

Weston was 15 months old on the 16th. 15 months, to me, is when toddlerhood really begins. All the physical signs of babyhood begin to disappear and toddler personality really starts to come out! I am enjoying him at this sweet stage.


Our 5 hens started laying mid-March and we ended up with a total count of 48 eggs for the month! They’re averaging about 3 a day which is good but considering our boys can wipe out 5 eggs just for breakfast, we’re looking forward to our little hens starting to lay in July!


Since Weston is leaving babyhood behind, he and Paxton are really starting to play together! Of course, there are lots of sibling frustrations and fighting over toys but they also play peacefully together, some days for good chunks of time. I just love watching my boys interact and enjoy each other.

Hard Working Preschooler

Our Paxton is a wonderful little helper. We spent some time picking up sticks in our front yard, getting it ready for spring! He did a good job helping me and we ended up with 3 wagon loads of sticks.

Flowers for MamaAnd my Paxton loves picking his mama flowers. We have purple weeds in his yard and he loves picking them for me. Sure they’re weeds but they’re beautiful to me since they were picked with love from my boy. We asked him one evening why he picked me flowers, his response, “mama is sweet.”

We’re all hoping April brings much warmer weather. It has been unusually cool in the south so far this spring. I usually pull out spring clothes at the very beginning of March and still haven’t done that this year, preferring flannel and sweaters to keep us warm!

Glimpses into Our Life

Big Smiles

We’re enjoying these days of March as the weather is warming and we’ve been able to get outside and play.

I’ve been doing some gardening too – last week I started spinach, peas, lettuce and turnips. Our new hens also started laying last week, they’ve laid 2 eggs a day for the past 4 days! We’re looking forward to an increasing egg supply to keep up with our egg eating habit.

Little RiderWeston rode the little 4-wheeler for the very first time last week. It’s so hard to believe that he’s about the age that Paxton was when we got this (it was a dumpster find that needed a battery…we would not have it otherwise!) He had a blast riding.


At one point Weston was riding around on his 4-wheeler and Paxton on his tricycle and Paxton insisted that I take a picture of him and brother in front of daddy’s car!

After a long day of play, the boys were wild and the living room looked like a disaster zone. Of course, this is what our living room looks like at the end of nearly every day!Finger Painting

Weston painted his very first masterpiece last week. He actually did quite well painting, he only tried to lick the paint off of his fingers twice and I was able to stop him. I’ve really been enjoying the toddler side of Weston, it makes activities with both boys easier.

The boys both painted pictures for John David’s grandparents. We made a quick weekend trip to visit them after Papaw’s heart attack last week. He is not expected to recover and we wanted to just be there with family. John David stayed with them the entire time we were there and it was a time that we’ll look back on with both sadness and happiness. (And, those pictures, I forgot all about them while there so we put them in the mail the day after we got back home!)

Snuggling Weston

One drawback to spring in the south is storms and tornadoes. We were under a warning Monday night and I do not take warnings/watches lightly now that I’m a mama. We (me and the boys, my hubby isn’t as ‘cautious’) spent 15 minutes camped out in our hallway with pillows, a crib mattress and Weston strapped to me in the Boba. Thankfully it wasn’t anything serious!

So, that’s a glimpse into the past week of life for the Boreing family.

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Glimpses into Our Life

This space was quiet all last week as I took an unplanned blogging break. I scaled back on time spent connected to devices and focused on connecting with my littlest man while his big brother spent a week away.

Here’s a glimpse into a bit of our life from the past two weeks:
Building Towers

One afternoon while Weston was napping, Paxton and I had a block building party!  He was quite proud of his creations and I had a blast building with him.

Too often I’m guilty of sharing just the lovely things of life. This is reality. I spent about 10 minutes tidying up a hall closet and turned around to this mess. They had worked together to pull down every one of the children’s books on the bookcase in our room. Of course, it wasn’t too hard to pick up and I was thankful they were having fun playing together.

On March 2, we left Paxton in East Tennessee to stay the week with his Mimi and Papaw. He wasn’t a bit sad about us leaving but he wanted his brother to stay with him!

Happy Birthday

I turned 26 on March 4. I had a lovely birthday, John David and I went out to dinner at a local restaurant (where he snapped this birthday picture) while a friend watched Weston for us! Time alone with hubby plus a yummy dinner is a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday (better than presents!)

I spent all last week soaking up some one on one time with my littlest. It was fun to just interact with him. 1-year-olds are so much fun! He’s at an age where he’s learning so much. Just over the past week or so his vocabulary has exploded and he’s saying several words other than mama and dada. Some of the words he says are tickle, cup (cu), ball (ba), car, hi, bye, book (boo), block (bla) and cheese (ch).

Snuggling Weston

I also had the luxury of just sitting and snuggling him more than normal. Oh, how I love snuggling my boys!

Sweet Sleeping BabyAnd, I love looking at sleeping babies. So, so precious.

We met John David’s dad in Knoxville on Friday and retrieved our big boy. After a week without him, we were quickly reminded of the life (and noise) that he brings to our family. He just chatted away nearly half of our ride back home and we enjoyed talking with him!

I’m looking forward to the coming week, getting back into our normal rhythm with everybody together again and our event free week ahead!

Disclosure – This post contains affiliate links that help support this site.