Reviving Kids Clothes

Reviving Kids Clothes

I purged and packed away the boys winter clothes and pulled out their spring clothes a few weeks ago.

My 3-year-old’s bin of spring clothes was pretty sparse.

I’ve stopped buying clothes ahead of time since my guessing on sizes has been off in the past. My thoughts are even if I just spend a few dollars on clothing that is never worn, I’m still wasting money!

When friends occassionally give us hand-me-downs, I’ll pick out the things we love and put them in his bin of next size up clothes so we have a few things tucked away for him to grow into.

His bin of spring clothes included 2 pair of hand-me-down shorts, a pair of swimming shorts my mom purchased, his shorts from last summer (which all still fit!) and one button up shirt. There were no t-shirts at all. At this point, most people would think it’s time to go shopping because he needs shirts and honestly, that’s what I thought at first too.

A look through the drawer of clothes he’s currently wearing resulted in more than enough shirts for this spring and hopefully summer (unless he hits a growth spurt). Most of his 24 month and 2T shirts from last summer still fit and a few things just needed a little reviving.

He had a couple shirts from this winter that were layered long sleeve t-shirts. They still fit and were cute shirts that he really likes to wear.

Stained Arms

He had a guitar shirt had cream colored sleeves which were stained from months of being worn by a 2-year-old. (I’ve decided to stop purchasing white/cream colored shirts for my boys, dark colors hide stains so much better!)Short Sleeve Shirt

After a few minutes of cutting the long sleeve arms out of the shirts, he had two ‘new’ t-shirts for this spring that he loves! Plus, we saved money. 

Before heading out to purchase more clothes for your kids, be sure to look at their clothes to see if there are ways you can revive what they have!

ABC Canvas

When I was expecting Weston, we decided to change the nursery from the smallest room in our home to a larger room with space for 2 cribs and ample open floor space.

We moved everything into the room, I put a few things on the wall but put ‘decorating the nursery’ on the back burner. (Babies really could care less what their room looks like…)

Now that Weston’s a bit older (and I’m feeling more creative and energetic), I’m ready to decorate the nursery!

I knew I wanted to incorporate the ABCs in the room because Paxton loves letters! I really wanted to do a letter wall with different letters in different fonts but that would take quite a while to find all 26 letters plus it could get quite pricey if the letters averaged just $5 each (I really don’t want to spend $130 on letters for a nursery!)

My creativity (and cheapness) came up with this ABC Canvas:


  • Canvas (I used a 16×20)
  • Chipboard Letters
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft Glue
  1. Lay out your letters on the canvas and find the arrangement you like.  (If you’re a perfectionist, you could draw out lines to mark where the letters go…I’m not that much of a perfectionist!)
  2. Decide on a color scheme. I went with a ‘rainbow theme’ but you could do one color, mix colors, whatever you want to do on your canvas!
  3. Paint the chipboard letters.
  4. Lay out the letters on the canvas and finalize placement!
  5. Glue. I used craft glue and starting from the top glued each letter down (while the rest were laid out on the canvas to help me with placement).
  6. Dry. I laid the canvas face down and put a few heavy books on top to make sure everything was pressed down. If you do this, make sure there is no extra glue seeping from under the letters…I had a few spots where it was and the paint was pulled off the letters. It wasn’t a big deal, I just had to retouch.
  7. Finished! Time to hang and admire your cheap craftiness!

Project Costs:

  • 16×20 canvas –$4 (The 16×20 canvases were on sale for $8 for a 2 pack!!)
  • Chipboard Letters- $5
  • Paint $3 (I already had red. I purchased blue, green and yellow and made the orange…red and yellow make orange!)

Less than $15 after taxes isn’t bad for a super cute and custom ABC Canvas.

I really like how this simple project turned out. I love the bright colors in the nursery and Paxton loves the ABCs on the wall!

Easy Canvas Art

When it comes to decorating our home, I prefer personalized and meaningful art workAnd the pieces become more special if they’re something I create.

I consider myself to be semi-creative.  I enjoy sewing and painting but I’m definitely limited in my skills in both of these areas. I prefer easy projects that take less than 2 or 3 hours to complete.

One of these simple projects is word art on canvas:


  • Canvas (I used a 16×20 & 8×10 for my projects!)
  • Chipboard Letters/Stencil
  • Pencil
  • Black & White Paint (or whatever colors you want!)
  • Fine Tipped Paintbrush
  • Ruler (If you’re a perfectionist…I don’t mind a little crookedness!)

Lay out your chipboard letters/stencil on your canvas; trace with a pencil.

Once you are finished tracing, it’s time to paint!

Using your fine tipped paint brush, carefully paint around the outside of the traced out words with black paint. (With a canvas as small as 8×10, I went ahead and painted the entire thing as I went!)

Once you’re finished tracing and painting the outside of the letters, touch up the inside of the letters with white paint! (Of course you can paint your canvas with whatever colors you like!)

The finished art. This took me a little over an hour to do and I love the end result!

This ‘live sent’ piece is going to go on a mission/world themed gallery wall in our dining room! ‘Live sent’ is a phrase used at our church referencing how we’re supposed to live as followers of Christ so it has personal meaning to our family.

On my 16×20 canvas, I painted words from John 3:30, ‘He must increase, I must decrease.” These are words I want to live by as a follower of Christ!

My project costs:

  • 8 x 10 canvas – $2 (Hobby Lobby had 2 packs of 8×10 canvases on sale last week for $4, the chip board letters are from another project and I already had black and white paint and paintbrushes!)
  • 16×20 canvas –$4 (The 16×20 canvases were on sale for $8 for a 2 pack!!)
Even if you didn’t have the supplies on hand, it still would probably cost less than $10-20 depending on the size you want to paint for a personalized word art painting!