As my second son is approaching his first birthday in a few weeks, I’m no longer a ‘new mom’ but instead a ‘seasoned mom’ when it comes to babies and breastfeeding.

I’m honestly in awe that I’ve spent a combined 26 months (and counting) breastfeeding my two boys. There’s no telling how many hours I’ve spent nursing!

I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to breastfeeding but I have experience and a few simple things I attribute to my breastfeeding ‘success’.

Breastfeeding Tips:

  • Drink lots and lots of water. You have to drink water for your body to make milk. Keep a glass or reusable water bottle with you at all times and remember to drink.
  • Eat. So many new moms are more concerned about losing baby weight than establishing milk supply. Remember it took 9 months for your belly to grow with your baby and it’s not going to disappear overnight, give yourself grace. If you want to establish and maintain a good milk supply, you must eat! I eat nearly twice as much while nursing than I do while pregnant.
  • Don’t try to schedule your baby. In the first few days and weeks especially, I believe in feeding baby on demand. After your supply is established and baby is gaining, if you believe in scheduling, then begin working on a schedule.
  • Educate yourself. Read books, take a class or attend a local La Leche League meeting. Before my first son was born, I ‘researched’ breastfeeding through books, blog posts, classes and talking to women who breastfed their babies.
  • Have a support person. My number one supporter is my husband, he took a breastfeeding class with me before our first baby’s birth so he knew almost as much as I did! If you have a friend (or even an acquaintance) who believes in extended nursing, she’ll want to do what she can to help. I love encouraging new breastfeeding mamas!
  • Don’t make breastfeeding an idol. Yes, there are many benefits of breastfeeding but you’re not a failure if you are unable to breastfeed. Many women deal with latching issues, bleeding nipples, little or no supply and many of these things are beyond their control.

Do you have any other breastfeeding tips?

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