Being Busy

I’m busy these days.

I’m not busy like most people are busy though, we intentionally choose to avoid the stress of having a packed schedule. I am busy being a wife and a mama of two.

There is little time to sit and write or read or bake; these little ones want my attention. “Play in my room,” is a phrase I hear quite often from Paxton. Weston just wants to be held and if he’s not in my arms, I need to be less than 2 feet away! Getting dinner on the table is a challenge most days (which is why I’ve simplified the meal plan, making that a bit easier!)

Here’s a glimpse into my recent busy days and some thoughts:

In a rare moment of allowing mama out of his sight, Weston found the diapers! As he’s beginning to crawl, he’s gaining a bit more independence and is beginning to get into things.

Paxton drums on everything and anything can be turned into drumsticks (chopsticks, sticks, forks, pencils, etc.).  He set this ‘drum kit’ up for himself and played on it a few weeks.

John David and I had been talking about getting him an actual drum set since he loves drumming. We were blown away by friends who asked if they could buy him a set!

His upgraded drum kit! Our sweet boy was so excited and he’s been having a blast drumming. He’s even been watching some drum lesson videos and learning a little bit. Yes, they’re loud but they’re actually quieter than his created kit!

I shared a few weeks ago that I’m recovering from perfectionism. This is what my living room looks like 95% of the time and I’m embracing it! Blankets make forts, pillows are turned into motorcycles or trains and furniture is moved around. Our living room may be somewhat messy but it’s just fine, we’re making wonderful memories in that room and Paxton’s imagination is creating so much fun for the entire family.

I’m also learning more about mothering a toddler/preschooler. Sometimes the things they want are absolutely crazy but to them, it’s important. A few nights ago Paxton did not want me to take his shoes off before bed. So, I simply left them on. It wasn’t worth a tantrum when it was already past bedtime and it’s not going to hurt one thing to let him sleep in his shoes on occasion. (And, he really didn’t sleep in his shoes, we took them off of him before we went to bed.)

Weston has been pulling up for the past 2 weeks now. He has fallen so many times and cries and cries and cries but soon after he’s soothed, he’s back at it! (Paxton was much more cautious when he was this age!) I love being greeted by a tiny man standing in his crib each morning.

The boys are playing together more and more. And I’m realizing that my job as a mama will soon be including another role which is a referee.

I took them outside yesterday to take some pictures. After 100 or so shots, I had not a single photo of both of the boys looking at the camera!

And this little guy is 8 months old today! He’s becoming a bit easier as he’s getting older and I’m beginning to see that soon he’ll be playing alongside brother without needing mama 2 feet away.

So, I’m busy. I’m busy picking up messes, listening to toddler drumming, attempting to keep a house somewhat tidy and soothing a baby who is slowly turning into a toddler. Add to that wiping bottoms, nursing, feeding two growing boys and endless laundry. And then I’m still a wife, I love the time in the evenings after my boys are in bed when I’m able to talk with my husband and feel like an adult after spending the day with our little ones!

My days are busy but the busyness that fills my days is investing into my family.

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  1. Your boys are too precious! Its so funny that Paxton is a drummer because Molly is too! Her Uncle is a drummer for a worship band and she plays his drums! Love having music in the house. 🙂

  2. It's difficult to let go of the perfectionism that we have. I always pick my battles. I would have let my kids go to bed with shoes on too. It doesn't hurt anything (if they are clean). I have done lots of things people would shake their heads at if they knew, but to me it wasn't worth the battle. I still pick my battles as far as clothing color choices. If my kids want to wear them, fine. But I always get the last say what they wear to funeral and weddings. I try to work with them, but I ultimately have the last word and they will wear what I deem appropriate. So far that has worked, but my are only 11, 11, 9 and 5.

    1. I agree about picking battles, why get frustrated over silly stuff! And, Paxton sometimes wants to wear crazy clothing combinations like cowboy boots with shorts and that's alright with me!

  3. Loved this post! I am a busy mama too – just in a few different ways 🙂 Like you, I'm figuring a few things out that help simplify life.

    I have a guy I work with that constantly tells me what a pushover I am followed by his delusional version of parenting. Oh, did I add that he has no children? I am learning to just let it go and start fewer conversations about my children with him. Like you, I would let (and have let) Amelia wear her shoes to bed if she wants! You have to give in order to receive. If I give her no freedoms and no choices and no say in her life then why should I expect her to respect me and my choices? I respect her and her quirky choices and in return she respects me and my mama rules – most of the time 😉

    It's a learning process. Like you said, you know your children better than anyone else, therefore, you know what is best for them, you and your family!!!!!!!!!

    1. Isn't it frustrating when non-parents try to give parenting advice? Lately I'm realizing what matters is my relationship with my kids and not what other people think about my parenting.

  4. So I noticed with Rita that at about nine months she really started branching out…she was a hold me all the time baby too. Maybe this is crazy thinking, but it seems that after nine months they have officially been in the world longer than the womb and are finally comfy in this new place. 🙂 Who knows? But it helped me!
    I still can't believe how big Weston is! It's like yesterday i remember reading a blog post on how you kept your energy so well in his pregnancy. Oh yie! Time is zooming…my wee one will be a month (A MONTH?!) on Friday!

    1. I had the same thought about how he still hasn't been in the world as long as he was in my womb and he still depends so much on his mama! He's crawling and pulling up now and is gaining a bit of independence and becoming a bit easier but he's starting to show jealousy when I'm holding Paxton {apparently he thinks I'm just his mama!} 🙂 And yes, it's crazy how fast babies grow. To me, the first year seems to fly by since they change so much in such a short time. And I can't believe Jonah is a month.

  5. I love looking at photos of your adorable boys! And that's fantastic that you are encouraging Paxton's love of playing the drums – you have more patience than me as far as noise goes! ha ha. And I agree totally that it is sooo important to "choose your battles" with small children in order to keep your sanity.

  6. I love, love, LOVE that picture of your son sleeping with his shoes on. That is one to include in the wedding reception slide show. 🙂

  7. love the photos and this post! As a mom with 2 little ones, I can and do definitely relate! My 8 month old is demanding as well, but she is an expert crawler now and loves following her sister around. My heart melts when I see them playing together!

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