Beginning Our KonMari Journey

Beginning Our KonMari Journey

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting about our progress as I’m reading through ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ and sharing some of the things I’m learning along the way.

Here’s our story about our path towards a life of simplicity and minimalism so you have an understanding of where we are at the beginning of our KonMari journey.

We’ve been simplifying for what seems like our entire marriage. Our first home was a tiny 572 square foot apartment and the possessions we each owned coupled with wedding presents more than filled up that space. (And there were still items left in our parents homes.)

After 2 moves, only 7 months apart in 2008, I realized how much I really wanted to simplify. Packing up all of your possessions and putting them into a moving truck makes you realize just how much stuff you own.

I started really decluttering in 2009, trying to weed out as many items as I could that weren’t useful. In August 2009, I found out I was pregnant! I was determined to keep things simple for our baby. In fact, we only purchased one item, an outfit the day we found out we were expecting a boy. Everything else, from our crib to our changing table, to bedding, books and toys was either handed down or given to us as gifts for baby. We were so blessed by generous people but also a bit overwhelmed with how much stuff our 8.5 pound baby brought into our home by the time he arrived in April 2010.

In September 2010, my husband accepted a new position in Georgia and we were once again loading up a moving truck. Again, I was astounded and even a bit embarrassed with the amount of stuff we owned. We moved our little family into a 3 bedroom condo with a single car garage and we filled it up. The closet in the extra bedroom was full of stuff and so was the garage. In the 6 months that we lived there, we never were able to park our vehicle in the garage.

When we purchased our home in March 2011, we actually downsized (our first home and condo both were around 1,500 square feet). Our new home was 1,300 square feet. While it didn’t have an attached garage or basement, it did have a detached garage so there was ample space to store stuff.

In the almost 5 years that we’ve lived in this home, we’ve added 2 more children to our family. In that time, we really have simplified our home, changed our consumption habits and live quite minimally.

My husband has adopted a simple ‘uniform’ consisting mainly of jeans, black button ups and t-shirts. I don’t own many clothes or shoes, neither do our children. Our kitchen is small, therefore we keep our dishes and kitchen gadgets very simple. And, our children really don’t have an overabundance of toysBut, there’s still a lot of stuff in our home and some of it is never used, played with, worn or read. 

Trying to live without a lot of clutter can be quite challenging for 5 people in 1,300 square feet . We’re choosing to live in our ‘small’ home because it makes the most sense for our family financially but we don’t want to feel cramped in our home. Living with less stuff makes our home feel like there’s more than enough space for the 5 of us. 

After Christmas, (and the influx of stuff that comes with this holiday), our home was in need of major decluttering.

Instead of decluttering how I typically do, I decided that we’re going to try following the KonMari Method. I read ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ last year, nodding my head in agreement with most of her decluttering and tidying philosophy and even adopted the KonMari way of folding. However, I didn’t actually follow the method in terms of going through our belongings category by category and only keeping those items that ‘spark joy’ or those that are necessary.

We’re beginning our KonMari journey now and hope to simplify our home and only surround ourselves with the things we love or absolutely need.

I’ll be posting about things I’m learning and what’s leaving my home in the weeks ahead!

Have you read ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’? Have you followed the KonMari Method? 

*I do not agree with all of her writing and philosophy. However, there’s a lot of good content in the book and I just take what’s helpful and ignore the religious parts I disagree with.

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  1. Rachel, I've missed your posts OH so much, and am ELATED you are going to be blogging about something so dear to my heart. I just told my 9 year old son about a week ago that I was going to be Kon-Mari-ing our house…he was like, "Say WHAT?" LOL I explained to him what it meant. I am sooooooooooooo sick and tired of spending all my time at home picking up the same clutter over and over, and washing endless dishes. I'm determined that the more I get rid of, the less stuff we'll have to upkeep. We have 3 levels to our home so it's going to take me awhile, but I already completed the kitchen. Can't wait to follow along with your blog posts and pictures. When it comes to decluttering/minimalistic living, for some reasons YOURS is the only blog that truly inspires/encourages me. So excited!

    1. We just got started last week and I'm already feeling a big difference. I feel like I'm not constantly moving stuff around and tidying the clutter. Almost everything has a place and can easily be put away. I've been reading more with the kids (aside from school time reading), playing games and just playing with them more (Legos, tea parties, etc!) I'm so glad you find this blog encouraging! Over the past few months, I've questioned why I blog and if I should continue. I realized that my purpose for writing in this space is not to have a large readership or make money, it's simply to encourage. Your comment helped me see that I'm fulfilling that purpose!

  2. I’m so excited about this series!

    I Konmaried our home this summer, got rid of a ton of stuff, but still feel like I have plenty of other items to get rid of. I still feel overwhelmed by our stuff.

    Our attic is nearly packed, a couple closets are near over flowing, it’s just a mess. And I hate it. It all drives me crazy. I think I need to buy her new book, reread her other one and go through again. It may take a couple passes to get it done the way I want. Christmas came with a lot of stuff, as it does every year, and that’s made me feel overwhelmed again!!

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts and see how you’re doing things!

    1. My mother-in-law surprised me with the Spark Joy book and it's good, I'm walking through step by step and thoroughly doing this. And, yes, Christmas brings in so much. I estimate we brought in 6 large boxes worth of stuff over the holidays. That's a lot of stuff!!

  3. Look forward to your posts on this–I have been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Paxton and enjoy your perspective and industriousness.

  4. I received this book for Christmas and I am looking forward to digging into it!

    We've been in our home 8 months and I'm starting to notice things accumulating, despite my best efforts to keep it simple. And I agree, the influx of "stuff" as a result of Christmas is astounding!

    I look forward to reading your posts regarding this as I also begin the same journey…soon!

  5. I’m so excited to see your progress! I am in nesting mode, getting ready for baby #3 and need some inspiration. I’ve really loved your organizational posts in the past because you use lists and pictures—I am very visual and it totally helps inspire me to see lists and pictures (hint, hint :)) Can’t wait for this series, great timing!!

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