Backyard Chickens

When you’re raised on a farm, you never forget that lifestyle (and the fresh foods!) John David and I were both raised on farms and our dream is owning a sustainable farm. Purchasing even a small farm is out of our budget at this point and John David really loves his job so we’re content on our acre of land.

Having an acre in a fairly rural area gives us the ability and space to have a garden and backyard chickens!

Two months ago we starting talking seriously about getting a few chickens. A few weeks later, John David fixed up a chicken coop and last Tuesday, we purchased 4 Buff Orpington hens!

We found our hens about 30 minutes away. We were so excited when we brought them home and could finally put them in their coop! Paxton really likes the ‘chins.’ He also calls them ‘bock bocks!’

By the time we got all of the hens settled into their new home with food and water, it was dark so Paxton peeped into the coop using daddy’s flashlight.

Buff Orpington Hens

Two of our beautiful girls. We haven’t named them at this point, I’m still trying to decide if we should. Since they all look the same, it’d be hard to tell them apart just at a glance. I also don’t know if it’s wise to name and get attached to a food source!

Hens in Nesting Boxes

The other two girls in their nesting boxes.

Fresh Eggs

Two of the three eggs we’ve gotten so far. We used one of the eggs in our cornbread this weekend and we were amazed at the rich color of the egg yolk.

We’re excited about having fresh, local eggs from chickens in our very own backyard!

I’ll soon share pictures of our chicken coop and the cost of our chickens and supplies. 

Do you have backyard chickens? Do you want a few backyard chickens?

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  1. Wow…those are some really nice looking chickens. Having been raised inside a large city I have absolutely no idea how to raise or take care of chickens. Probably most people do. Where we live currently we cannot have chickens (probably a good idea, since we don't know anything) but I would love to hear about how you raise and care for them. Curious I guess. Are you planning on eating them? If not, I would name them. Nothing seems wrong with that.

    1. I'll be posting more about the chickens soon! And we may eat them once they pass their laying prime as 'stewing hens.' It just seems wrong in some ways to eat something that has a name!

  2. Have a Chicken in backyard was really great because you are waiting for the egg they came out and make it breakfast or make it for baking..
    VZ 58

  3. Oh! How lovely! I have a friend who raised pigs for 4H in middle school, one which he named Suzie. When he butchered her, he brought me some "Suzie" cracklins. I kinda feel like naming and eating animals is a good lesson in the animals don't have souls category.

    Anyway! I think your chickens are beautiful and for some reason pregnancy is causing me to really really want a pet! We have tried dogs (when Rita was like three months, we were moving into our house and I was running a home for the first time) with no success so maybe chickens would be a bit more manageable. We've really been throwing that idea around.

    Hoping you have a good Monday. I know that Mondays are crazy around here with DaDa going back to work 🙂

  4. I don't have chickens, nor can I have them in the city, but I would REALLY like to find a local-ish source of eggs. Happy chicken eggs are important to me.

  5. Yay for you all! We have 3 hens, 1 buff orpington & 2 light brahmas they are wonderful egg layers! We enjoy them so much and especially the eggs! My husband built a very nice chicken tractor that he moves every 3 days now since their bigger. It's nice coop & run plus we have a large chainlink dog kennel we move along with it to give them extra space too! We've had chicken for 4 yrs now and we will always have them! Our grandchildren love them too!

  6. We started with 6 chicks last March, but are down to three (due to a sick chick that died within an hour of being home, a freak accident and a red fox murderer). They are red sex links and they produce beautiful big brown eggs! That's awesome that you got mature chickens that are already producing! We had to wait 4 months for ours to start. I cant wait to read about the chicken coop. Our chickens are able to run around on a 1/2 acre fenced in yard. Some mornings when I go outside to let the pup out to go potty, they are already eating bugs from the yard…at 5:30 in the morning! They are a blast to watch though. We named ours, and I really like them, but I am not emotionally attached to them like I was our pot bellied pig.

    1. John David didn't want to wait! We're already talking about expanding our flock since so many of our friends are interested in local eggs and we'll more than likely go the chick route if we do it. We've been fascinated watching them too, especially Paxton. We have a large fenced in back yard and we're going to let them run free too once they calm down…they're still a little flighty {I suppose I would be too if a toddler was out there though!} 🙂

  7. This is so neat! A neighbor of my parent's has chickens and we are always curious about them. We've talked about how it'd be neat to get some when we had a house but as of now we know nothing about having chickens! I look forward to future chicken posts! I am sure I will learn a thing or two that will help me out if/when we decide to do this too!

  8. Love your little coop! So cute! We have had chickens for years. We usually average around 18-20 chickens…but some have died and some hunting dogs got loose….not pretty. We let our chickens free range most of the time…there's something soothing about looking out and seeing a yard full of chickens :0) Ours are pretty tame and follow the kids wherever they go! It's also a great way to teach kids resposibility. ….our kids start with chickens and then may 'move up' to larger animals…like my oldest has 2 horses…and I think my oldest son is thinking he wants a cow! LOL

    1. Our plan is to let them roam the backyard once they get settled in and used to us! We're loving them and John David, Paxton and I all enjoy checking for eggs, watering and feeding them! And I agree about it being a great way to teach responsibility!

  9. This is so cool! I'd love to do this but it's just not possible in an apartment building in NYC. Oh, and "bock-bocks" – that is just so cute!

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