August at Our Home

Now that September is half over, I’m finally sharing the highlights of the month of August. Oh well, better late than never!

Here are some favorite photos and memories from August:

Home Depot Workshop

Paxton attended his very first Kids Workshop at Home Depot and loved it! He built a pencil holder and was so proud of it.

Reading with Brother

We came home from church after our first Wednesday service and I propped Cecilia up on the couch and asked Paxton to watch her while I went and helped Weston. When I came back into the living room, I was greeted by this sight that took my breath away. My heart felt so full seeing my biggest boy cuddled up with a book and his baby sister. These two have a special bond.

Our girl has been rolling and scooting since she was 4 months old, once she started moving around, I started putting her in the boys room sometimes to join in with their play time. At first they thought it was the cutest thing, now they’re starting to realize that she’s into everything and she wants to chew on their toys. It’s so fun watching them interact with her and watching her playing with their toys.

Back Carry

I love wearing my babies in my stretchy Baby K’tan for the first few months, then I like using a soft structured carrier because they’re so easy to put on. While I prefer front carries, it’s nice to be able to put baby in a back carry for washing dishes and gardening. At 4.5 months, Cecilia was comfortable in a back carry and I had to document the moment!


Once we decided that we were staying in our home, I decided to love the home we’re in so I started working on some decor plans for Cecilia’s room. I chose a color scheme (hot pink and teal), bought bed sheets and made bunting back in July. We finally got the bunting and her ‘C’ hung in August. There’s still a few more finishing touches left but I love the girly space I’ve created for her!


Another ‘love our home’ project was creating built in shelving in the boys closet. My talented husband built designed and built this shelving and we worked together painting them. The closet looks great and it’s very functional (notice the low clothing rods – easy access for preschoolers!)

Bunk Bed Construction

We’ve been talking off an on about bunk beds for our boys. We decided that we wanted to free up floor space in their room so they’d have a lot of room to play since baby sister is now in the room that was their playroom. I found a set with stairs on Craigslist at a great price! John David’s dad just happened to be visiting when we got them so he helped him pick them up and assemble them. The boys really enjoyed watching daddy and papaw assembled their beds!

Bunk Beds

Here’s an ‘action’ shot of their bunk bed! They were sleeping in separate twin beds before we got the bunk but since getting the bunk bed, they’ve been sleeping in the same bed. And, I’ve spent half the night with Weston in the bottom bunk and it’s quite cozy under there.

Sleeping Baby

Baby girl has been sleeping most of the night, usually waking up anywhere from 4-7 to eat. Once she wakes, I’ll put her in our bed for the rest of the night/early morning. There’s nothing like waking up to a sweet, chubby, sleeping baby!


Cecilia is starting to join in with story time! Scenes like this are precious.
5 months

Cecilia was 5 months on the 20th.

Here are some milestones:

  • Rolling and scooting wherever she wants to go
  • Laughing
  • Smiles so big when she’s talked to
  • Loves sucking/chewing on cloth – burp cloths, swaddles, taggie blanket
  • Wearing 3-6 month clothes
  • Exclusively cloth diaperedbumGenius One Size on medium setting with regular insert and doubler.
  • Nursing every 3 hours during the day.
  • Starts the night in her crib and when she wakes to nurse, I bring her to our bed.


The boys love joining in her monthly photo shoot – and I love that they actually want me to take their picture! I feel so blessed to be their mama!

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  1. Looks like August was an awesome month! I love the bunk beds. They are what I was wanting until we found our metal set at the right price of FREE 🙂 And their new closet looks awesome! It makes me want to go organize something!

    Question, does Home Depot list when they are having those workshops on their website? I have seen several people post photos of their kids at them over the past few months and I want to be in the loop on them so maybe we can join in one Saturday!

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