April Happenings

Easter 2015April was a full and fun month for our family! We’re enjoying spring and the beautiful weather so much.

Cecilia EasterWe were able to spend Easter afternoon with some of John David’s family. We had lunch and then the kids hunted eggs. Cecilia enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs at Nana’s this year. ErrandsThis baby carrier (it’s a Boba) makes running errands, grocery shopping and going to church with 3 small children so much easier! It’s so nice having my hands free to hold on to my other two (especially my 3-year-old!) And, the boys positions/expressions in this photo are so funny (Pax was upset because we were in the girls bathroom and Weston is just crazy!)

Baby Stella DollThis sweet nap moment melted my heart – my baby girl loving on her baby doll!
Birthday BoysPaxton turned 5 on April 16!! He and his papaw share a birthday so papaw came down to celebrate. Papaw, Paxton and Weston all went out for birthday breakfast. Then, our family celebrated with birthday lunch at Chick-fil-a. After our late lunch, the kids and I ran a few errands around town and then we ended up at a Mexican restaurant downtown and shared nachoes for dinner before church. Paxton thought it was so neat that he ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner on his birthday!

Birthday DinnerBirthday nachoes at the Mexican restaurant! And, this was my very first time to bring all 3 to a ‘sit-down’ restaurant all by myself. Cecilia did sleep through half the dinner but I still felt quite accomplished conquering dinner out with 3!
Birthday CakeWe had a small birthday party on the 18th for Paxton. He wanted a ‘big blowout’ and talked about this party for 2 months. It was not a big blowout but was a fun little Lego party with a taco bar, a few good friends and a birthday cake made by his Mimi. He had such a great time even though his party wasn’t a ‘big blowout’!

Birthday PresentsHe was so excited to open his presents at his party. (This is the first party he’s had that he can remember – we typically celebrate birthdays simply but have decided to have birthday parties every few years if the birthday child wants a party!)

Gallery WallApril 2 marked 4 years of living in our home. One of the first things I did when we moved in was put up our gallery wall. I’ve changed out pictures a time or two since then but haven’t made any major changes to the wall. I’ve decided to change it up and add more color in! It’s still a work in progress but I’m loving the pops of color in the living room and seeing the newborn pictures of all 3 of my babies on the wall.
Lego BabyCecilia has a few baby toys but would much rather play with her brothers toys. She really loves their Legos and if they leave them out, she’ll find them. This particular morning, she hit the Lego jackpot since Paxton hadn’t put his Legos away the night before. Weston was yelling for me saying, ‘Lego alert, Lego alert’ (which sounded more like ‘wego awert, wego awert’…adorable!) So, now anytime she gets near Legos, we say ‘Lego alert!’
GardenHere’s a shot of our garden at the end of April. We’ve planted potatoes, onions, cantaloupe, watermelon, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. We’re looking forward to this gardening season and all the yummy things we’re going to grow in the coming months.

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  1. Three kids at a sit-down restaurant by yourself!!! You are amazing!

    It looks like Paxton had a great birthday and I think it is so special to share it with his Pawpaw!

    Looks like it was a fun month and I'm sure May will be even better as the weather continues to warm up!

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