April at Our Home

Clean Master

To me, the month of April marks the beginning of spring. The weather was still a bit chilly here in North Georgia but I started my spring cleaning on April 1, going through the house room by room deep cleaning, decluttering and making the rooms look nice. It took me a week to get to every room but I still have our hall closets to tackle.

I cleaned almost all of the windows in our house but unfortunately cleaned them before the pollen descended on our area so I now have to wipe out the window sills again!

On April 3, we acquired two Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Daisy and Blue (Daisy is pictured). Our boys love the goats and they get along wonderfully with our chickens.

However, we may be selling our goats since we had a complaint against our animals and have had to move them all off of our property. Thankfully, they are on the adjoining property but the fencing isn’t as ideal for the goats as our backyard was.

The 3 weeks of having goats in our backyard was fun though, they’ve very productive pets, eating grass and other brush!

Cleaning Out Clothes

As part of spring cleaning week, I tackled the boys clothes, swapping out winter clothes for spring/summer clothes. I was a bit hesitant to even do the swap because the weather has been so chilly but I kept out jeans that still fit and light jackets so they’ve had clothes to wear on cooler days.

Our boys have minimal wardrobes so this task is fairly simple. My process for swapping out their clothes involves pulling everything out, then going through deciding what to keep, what to pass on and if any of their winter clothes could be revived and worn in warmer weather.

I ended up with a small stack of things that might fit Paxton in the fall, a large stack of things to hand down to Weston, a few favorites to tuck away for a possible future baby and a stack of things to pass on. Small wardrobes makes swapping out, organizing and purging clothes easy!

Happy Birthday Paxton

My Paxton turned 3 mid-April! We celebrate birthdays minimally so we spent birthday week just doing fun little things celebrating him, like letting him stay up after bedtime, eating birthday cake and ice cream and going to Chick-fil-A. And, this mama spent a few days reflecting. The birthdays of my boys cause me to just reflect on the miracle of their lives, their births and the precious years we’ve spent with them so far!

Birthday Sandbox

We typically don’t purchase gifts for our children on their birthdays, opting for gifts of experience. Instead of going somewhere (like an aquarium or on a train ride), we built a sandbox. It’s an outdoor gift, so no extra clutter was brought into our home and it will provide hours of entertainment this summer and in the years to come!

Spring:Summer Meal Plan

My biggest accomplishment for the month was finally drafting a spring/summer menu plan! Basically, the plan is to repeat the same meals every two weeks for simplicity with a free day thrown in on Thursdays for trying new recipes and eating leftovers. (It may sound boring, but think about it, do you even remember what you ate just a week ago?)

I followed a meal plan very similar to this last summer but with some of our dietary changes, I created a new one from scratch. It still needs a bit of fine tuning and some details written down to follow (like when to soak grain, lay out meat) for ease of use but it’s already making meal time less stressful because there is a plan in place!

Those are just a few highlights for the month of April. We also had a trip to the local park, lots and lots of playing outside, time spent in the garden and a visit from grandparents for Paxton’s birthday. We’re looking forward to the fun (and hopefully warmer weather) that May should bring!


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  1. I like the idea of repeating the same meals every week for a busy season. I am hoping to go back to work in the fall and this could really simplify things.

  2. Hi. Popping in via Money Saving Mom, where I'm participating in her Clutter Buster Challenge. Thanks for the inspiration. I've enjoyed poking around.

  3. Nice post. I really like the sand box idea which really helps to remove the gift clutter in an easy way. Thanks for your motivation to reduce the stress in a fresh way.

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