A few days ago, while scrolling through my Instagram┬áprofile, I was struck with how beautiful it made my life seem.┬áThe things I Instagram, typically are lovely aspects of my life and the things I share that aren’t so lovely look a bit better with a filter!

I tend to just present the very best when sharing things on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even here on Intentionally Simple. It’s easier to share the lovely parts of life and just leave out those uglier aspects. While I am a positive person and prefer to focus on the positives instead of dwell on the negatives, my life is not perfect but looking at my online life, one could think it’s pretty close to perfect.

In our culture, we tend to use social media as a way to market ourselves. Our statuses and the pictures we share present ourselves in the way we want people to think about us. Honestly, I think a lot of this ‘marketing’ is done without much thought but almost everybody does it.

Scrolling through any social media outlet can quickly lead to feelings of inadequacy if you compare yourself to the image someone else has presented of themselves. You have to remember that they’re presenting their beautiful moments, just like you present the beautiful moments in your life!

With that said, I want to share a bit of reality, the details of Instagram moments.

Beautiful Mess
A ‘beautiful mess’ thanks to this filter highlighting the lovely colors of the blocks.

And the reality of the mess. It’s just not quite as lovely without being cropped and a filter. (Side note, I love blocks since they’re wonderful open ended toys but I hate them too, they explode all over my house and I step on them and can’t keep them contained in one room ever!)

Little Helpers
A beautiful moment of my boys ‘helping’ in the kitchen. Yes, this image is precious. Yes, they are eager little helpers and sometimes I’m happy to have them by my side learning with me.

The reality? They drag these chairs into the kitchen at least 20 times a day in an attempt to pull dirty dishes out of the sink, pull things off of the counters, play in the dish water and they want to help me with everything. Our kitchen is tiny and it’s nearly impossible to get things done with 2 chairs and 2 boys underfoot. So, about 18 times a day these chairs are removed from the kitchen by mama, leaving unhappy boys crying in the floor.

With my Boys
Ah, what a sweet early morning moment, all of us snuggling in our pajamas. Everybody looks so happy and the picture is cute.

Reality with Boys
Here’s one of the many attempts at getting a decent picture to share of the ‘moment’. It’s nearly impossible to get 2 small children to look into a camera.

Our Backyard
Here’s our lovely, lush backyard with our goats and a few of our chickens. What a beautiful sight!

The Whole Backyard
Here’s another shot of that same backyard. Not quite as lovely from a different angle, without the filter and with the garage (or barn as we like to refer to it as these days) in the shot.

Brothers in Sandbox
And then there is this sweet image of my two boys playing happily together in their sandbox. Yes, they enjoy their sandbox but you also don’t see Paxton dumping sand on Weston’s head, Weston eating the sand (he eats everything), fighting over toys (and heavens knows there aren’t enough toys in that sandbox) and Weston carrying shovel fulls of sand out of the sandbox and dumping them in my garden.

Remember that a picture is just a snapshot of a moment, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

None of us live the perfect lives that we seem to live according to Instagram (or Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest)!



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