All Babies Are Blessings

All Babies are Blessings

When we were expecting our first baby, I didn’t have a gender preference. I knew that having a girl or having a boy would be wonderful!

When we found out we would be welcoming a baby boy, we were excited – I hoped he’d look like his daddy.

When he was born, he was just as I pictured, a dark haired baby boy and he did look like his daddy.

When we found out we were expecting our second baby, I just knew the baby was going to be a boy. Sure enough at our anatomy scan, we found out we were having a baby boy and we were so excited that Paxton was going to have a brother.

We did not feel like having another boy was disappointing, we were thrilled to be adding to our family.

I was quite content with my two boys. I started seeing myself as just a boy mom and couldn’t imagine having a baby girl in our family.

We decided not to find out the gender of our third baby and I was completely convinced that our third baby was a boy too. And, I was excited about the possibility of three boys and brothers so close in age. I did not view having three boys as anything but a blessing!

All during our third pregnancy, it seemed like everyone told us they thought we were having a girl and that we needed a girl. We were still sure our baby was a boy. We didn’t feel like we needed a girl for our family to be complete.

When our baby was born and we saw that we actually had a girl, we were shocked and surprised. We had a daughter! We were thrilled to welcome a baby girl into our family but we would have been just as excited to welcome a baby boy.

It seems like people think that you need one of each gender in order to be happy with your family. I think the excitement from others with my third pregnancy was because I already had two boys and everyone was just hoping I’d have a girl.

I have a feeling if/when we have a fourth baby (we hope to add to our family in a few years) that the pregnancy announcement won’t be met with as much excitement because we have one of each gender. Since Cecilia was born, when people ask me if we’re finished having kids, I jokingly say no, she needs a sister! (And, while I’d love for her to have a sister, adding another baby boy would be wonderful too.)

What is wrong with having two boys or three boys? Or two girls or three girls? Do people really think that families that have one boy and one girl are happier? Or do they think my family of two boys and one girl is better than a family of three girls or three boys? The mindset that everybody wants ‘one of each’ is crazy!

I’ve heard people make comments like, ‘maybe you’ll get your girl next time‘ or ‘you can try to have a boy next time,’ to women who are pregnant with their second (or third or forth) of the same gender. The baby they’re carrying is important and should be celebrated even though there is a same gender sibling.

Forget the silly one boy, one girl ‘perfect family’ ideal and celebrate each and every baby regardless of its gender.

All babies are blessings!

Having same gender siblings is quite wonderful. These 2 boys are loud and full of energy but they love each other and really are the best of friends.

Babies are Blessings

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more! I know a family that has 4 girls and they are elated to have four sweet dollies and wouldn't have it any other way. There definitely are advantages also to having all boys or all girls, especially if you plan to have a large family and don't have a large house with lots of bedrooms. That being said, our neighbors down the road a bit have 9 boys and they just had their 10th baby…a girl! I know they were expecting another boy, but I will say that after NINE boys, they were beyond the moon excited to have a girl! 🙂 I totally agree with you that EVERY baby is a special gift from God, and He knows what is best for us for EACH and every pregnancy!

  2. We have 6 girls and 1 boy (he is #5 in the group!). Before he was born, we had so many people asking if we were "trying" for a boy with each pregnancy. After he was born, everyone asked if we were done because we finally got our boy! When the next 2 pregnancies came, people asked if we trying for a brother for him… Nope! We just accept every blessing that God sends us!

    1. What a blessed mama you are with 7! And, how wonderful to have a house full of daughters…makes me thing of Little Women, Little House on the Prairie and Pride and Prejudice, how fun it must be for your girls to grow up with so many sisters!

  3. We have two boys, and we're done. We are simply delighted to have two beautiful, healthy babies. I think you're absolutely right: every baby is a blessing.

  4. When I was pregnant with our third girl I got SO many comments about having a third girl.

    I overheard someone ask my mom what I was having, she said girl and I heard the woman say, “oh well, at least she has all the stuff.” The oh well blew my mind! I was having a healthy pregnancy and our baby was healthy. How can you just say, “oh well” to that?

    Number one: I don’t think we’re capable of picking our gender. Doesn’t God know and care for our needs?

    Number two: we were all excited to welcome a third girl. All girls is fun (I have a sister!) .

    Number three: comments like that hurt my feelings. It shouldn’t have because we were so excited and so were the big sisters, but those words hurt. It’s rude, regardless of how it’s said.

    I did tell my other girls (before we knew we were having a girl) that if people asked what we/ they wanted, we would always reply, “God knows what we need.” That floored people when the girls responded that way. They responded that way because they heard us respond that way. They knew no matter what gender we would love that baby just as we have loved them!

    Now, i get comments on how many children I have (and not in a nice way). I just want people to be quiet. Or comment on what a lovely family or beautiful girls I have. It’s really not hard to be nice. It’s a lesson for me, too.

    1. I don't understand why people are so rude and feel like they can make such rude comments. Love your loving, grace filled response and that your big girls respond the same way! You are one blessed mama of three lovely girls and I can imagine having a house full of girls is fun!!

  5. When I got pregnant again after my son, I really wanted a boy — I was sure I was a mom for boys — but my mom reminded me to not get stuck on what I wanted since of course I would not want to be disappointed if I had a girl. She was right, so I started praying that God would give us the baby we needed. Whether that was a boy, girl, or a baby born with a mental or health condition. We trusted that he would give us what our family needed. We ended up with a happy, healthy little girl 🙂 And we couldn't be happier – you are right that every baby is a blessing.

    But it was also shocking how many people would say "oh one of each – so now your done, right?" Where in the world does that come from?? My husband and I have decided that two is the right number of children for us — but we certainly did NOT make the decision because of their gender!

    Great post, thank you!

    1. I really don't understand why people seem to think once you have one of each you're supposed to be done having children! And, you're so right, God does give us the baby we need.

  6. I have two boys and I've heard multiple times "Now you just need a girl!" but God gives us exactly what we need.

  7. We have five boys. I was so tired of people asking if we were trying for a girl. I would always say "Nope. We were trying for a baby! yeah!"

    People are so funny. I even had a gal ask me if all five boys had the same father. Sheesh. "Why yes ma'am. I am a happily married woman to the faithful father/husband of all five of my children!"

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