Intentionally Simple


It’s really quite simple, we are choosing a life of simplicity.

We’re living intentionally simple.

Life is too short to be busy, hectic and hurried, you’ll miss so many beautiful moments that you can only enjoy when you slow down.

Intentionally Simple is all about how we’re living simple.

Topics covered:

  • Living minimally. The less stuff we own, the simpler life is. We live in a small home without much room for excess which is a driving factor. We’ve learned that a clutter free home is so much easier to maintain!
  • Personal finances. We are debt free minus our home and we’re taking steps to eliminate that debt quickly.
  • Living frugally. We want to pay down on our mortgage and be completely debt free, save to pay cash for our next vehicle and give generously.
  • Going green. From simple steps like recycling and using cloth napkins to more involved steps like cloth diapering and cloth pads.
  • Growing our own food!
  • Buying local. From shopping at local businesses in our small community to shopping in local secondhand stores and buying locally grown foods.
  • Intentionally parenting. We have three little ones and we want to make the most of everyday.
Join me in an effort to slow down, enjoy the little things and live intentionally simple!

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