A Simplified and Streamlined Home

Over the past three months, I’ve been taking steps each week to simplify my home and streamline my home management. Implementing one step each week has really helped me to succeed. I also think doing this alongside Mary Jo has helped to keep me accountable, we were in it together, deciding the areas we needed to work on and posting each week about our accomplishments.

I do want to share that the one area that I have ‘regressed’ in is routines. I posted a detailed morning and daily routine that I followed for a week or two. However, for our family, it’s been more stressful to stick to detailed routines versus being laid back. Even though I’m not sticking to the detailed routines, we still do have routines. Daily we eat lunch around 12-12:30 and then nap time/rest time is at 1:00. And, before putting the boys to bed we do the same things each night. It’s okay to not have a ton of structure. For me, in this season of life, I’m happier just being free spirited and enjoying my little ones instead of worrying so much about learning time/snack time/reading time/play time. The boys and I have years ahead of us for structured time once we begin homeschooling and the structure can wait a few more years while we enjoy a laid back, carefree life!

In the course of 11 weeks, we have covered time management, stocking the freezer, meal planning, decluttering and cleaning routines:


Tracking Time

Time Budgeting

Establishing a Morning Routine

Creating a Daily Routine

Streamlining in the Kitchen

Decluttering and Cleaning the Kitchen

Slowly Stocking the Freezer

Meal Planning

Streamlining Breakfast and Lunch


A Cleaning Routine

If you’re wanting to get your home in order, take baby steps and do one thing each week towards reaching that goal. You could use the different projects we covered each week as a starting point or as a guide of some areas that would be good to cover.

I’m finding that having a simplified home makes my role as a homemaker easier with more time to have fun with my boys and husband!

Be sure to visit Mary Jo at Covenant Homemaking to read how the past 11 weeks have impacted her homemaking! Her post is full of encouragement, including ,”I don’t clean for the sake of having a clean house. I clean, cook, and organize as part of my ministry to my family.”

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  1. We aren't as "strict" with our daily routine as I thought we'd be. I use it as a loose guide for the flow of our day, but I'm constantly switching things around depending on what's going on with Ben and my kiddos–and I think having things more streamlined gives more freedom for that! 🙂

    Really enjoyed doing these projects with you! :o)

  2. Will you do a blog on why you're choosing to homeschool over sending your child to traditional public school? Why do you stay at home and not work a traditional job?

    1. Yes, I too would be very interested in a homeschooling post for sure! I am a special education teacher so I really look fwd to it.
      Thanks rachel!

    2. Kara,

      I'll try to write a detailed post on my thoughts about homeschooling sometime in the next few weeks. I will share now that I'm not trying to shelter my children from the 'big, bad world,' that is not my driving force behind my desire to homeschool! I think too many Christians choose homeschool based out of fear!

      As far as staying home with my children, I view motherhood as a calling and an important job. I am happy to make financial sacrifices and personal career sacrifices to be a wife and a mother.

  3. We are the same way with our daily routine. Lunch and naps and bed time are typically the same time, but everything else is not structured. I'm thankful for the freedom to do whatever in this season of life, because it'll soon be changing!

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