A Simple Season

We’re enjoying a slow, simple Christmas season.

I’ve been limiting my time spent online, we just have a few small gifts to pick up and our calendar is not packed with events and parties.

We’re not doing anything formal for advent, just reading books about Jesus’ birth, playing with our nativity and doing a few special Christmas crafts.

Our tree only has cloth and unbreakable ornaments {although the boys still managed to break some unbreakables while decorating}. And, we’re happy little hands haven’t done too much ‘un-decorating’.

It will probably be quiet around here over these next few weeks as we continue celebrating a slow, simple Christmas, visiting family and celebrating Weston’s first birthday.

It may be quiet here but I’ll still be tweeting {@rachelboreing} and sharing pictures on Instagram {@rachelboreing}!

I hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas season!

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  1. I too am trying to have a slow holiday season this year! I'm struggling – I think working retail is hindering me from taking it slow! That's ok. I took this afternoon to put things off in the house and get outside with the kids to enjoy the fresh snow! Sledding, snowball fights, falling into piles of snow and laughing were much more important than the vacuuming or finishing addressing those Christmas cards – I'll get them finished 😉

    Enjoy the rest of this holiday season and Weston's first birthday!

    1. I am sure working retail and the frenzy of the season has an effect. Sounds like you have your priorities right this afternoon…playing in the snow with the little ones definitely trumps housework! 🙂

  2. You're ahead of us! But we might do things *early* this year and actually get a tree before Christmas eve! It's funny to wait until then, because the only ones that are left are DEFINITELY Charlie Brown trees…____Oh, and we love the Little People Nativity. Beanie's great-aunt has one, and she always plays with it the whole time we are there.

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