Over the past two years, I’ve been changing my thinking about clothing.

I used to browse stores and purchase whatever fit and was on sale without any thought to my wardrobe and whether it was a practical piece to purchase. I had a closet full of clothes but ‘nothing to wear.’ Now that I have a minimal wardrobe getting dressed is easier!

Along with changing my way of thinking about purchasing, I’ve been simplifying the clothing I already had. Over the past two years {and two moves}, I have gone from a walk in closet with 2 racks full of clothing to a small shared closet in which my wardrobe only takes up about 1/3 of the space. I’ve purged my wardrobe every few months and have consigned, donated and even hosted a clothing swap and truly believe that less is more when it comes to clothing!

My spring/summer wardrobe:


  • 6 shirts {white/tan sweater, green top, grey tee, 3 black tees with different necklines}
  • 3 dresses {navy/cream stripes, red with white polka dots, black}
  • 2 pair capris {denim and khaki}
  • 1 pair khakis
  • 3 pair of dress pants {cream, grey, black}
  • 4 pair of jeans
  • 2 pair of shorts {denim, grey}
  • 3 cardigans {light green, black, green}
I also have a drawer with lounge clothing which contains:
  • 2 pair black yoga capris
  • 1 pair pajama capris
  • 2 skirts
  • 1 cotton dress
  • 6 t-shirts

Change your thinking when shopping for clothing:

  • Don’t browse for things you don’t need. I have 4 pair of jeans that fit me perfectly so I don’t even browse for jeans because I don’t need them.
  • Have a list and stick to it! Just like sticking to your grocery list to make the most of your grocery budget, have a list of clothing items you need or really want to make shopping easier.
  • Know what colors make you look bad. I know the colors that make me look washed out {like pale pink, tan and light yellow} so I avoid those colors.
  • Know the colors that you look amazing in. I look best in darker colors {black, grey, dark purple and green} so those are the colors I purchase.
  • Spending more on a quality piece is worth it. I’d rather spend $30 on one top that is a quality piece that looks fabulous on me and that I’ll wear over and over instead of purchasing 6 that I found for $5 on a clearance rack. Who cares if they were ‘only $5’ if you only wear the top once before donating it?

What kind of wardrobe do you have? Is your closet stuffed with clothing but you have nothing to wear, do you like a simple wardrobe or are you somewhere in between?




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