A Day in My Life – 2012

Here’s a glimpse into my day on Tuesday, January 31:
 9:00 :: I wake up to two sleeping boys, Paxton snuggled up beside me and Weston in the bassinet. I move Weston onto the bed to snap a picture. Paxton hears me moving around and wakes up. I go get breakfast for Paxton and myself and then come back to bed to nurse Weston. After Weston nurses, I change diapers and dress everybody!
10:00 :: Time to start a load of laundry. I do a load of laundry almost every day to keep up with it! (It should be noted, there’s no fancy sorting, just colors, whites & the occasional delicate load!) After the laundry is going, I head to the kitchen. I start white beans in the crock pot for dinner and to freeze, red beans that will be frozen, cook rice and make bread crumbs. I move the laundry to the dryer and then head to the office to edit my blog post for the day.
11:00 :: I finish editing and publish Tuesday’s post while Weston naps and Paxton plays. As soon as it’s published, I nurse Weston. After he’s finished eating, he’s very fussy so I just hold him, after a few minutes, he falls asleep. Paxton is playing in his room and then comes into the office where I am updating finances. He brings his instruments in there so I strum a little on the guitar and then he plays on his drum.
12:00 :: I have a content, sleeping baby on my chest. Since Paxton is playing happily and not begging to eat, I continue with working on finances, closing out January and updating our budget. I run out to the mailbox to mail a card and am surprised it has already run. I come back inside, fix Paxton’s lunch and make rice milk. Once I finish the rice milk, I fix my lunch.
1:00 :: We’re still at the table! Paxton is still eating and Weston is hungry so I nurse him. When Paxton finishes eating, I wash his face and hands, read him a story and put him down for a nap. I start washing dishes but Weston is fussy so I attempt to console him. I finally put him in the Baby K’tan
2:00 :: Once he’s in the Baby K’tan, he settles down within 2 minutes and then falls asleep. While I’m wearing Weston, I finish washing dishes, make snacks and go dump scraps into the compost barrel.
3:00 :: Paxton’s nap time is over and I take Weston out of the carrier so I can nurse. Weston quickly realizes he’s hungry and starts crying while I grab  a few books to read with Paxton while nursing. We read three stories together and Paxton actually sat still and listened to all three! After Weston finishes eating, I put him in the bassinet and Paxton and I go get a snack. While I’m in the kitchen, I chop up an onion to put in the white beans. I finally go get the laundry out of the dryer and fold it.
4:00 :: I bundled up the boys and we headed outside. It was just slightly cool outside and we all needed some fresh air. Paxton enjoyed running and exploring and Weston seemed to settle down from his fussiness. After 15 minutes of playing, we go back inside. I start a load of diapers and then reply to a few blog comments. Weston is napping and I let Paxton play on the iPadwhile I finish up my study for Mom’s Group.
5:00 :: Daddy’s home! Paxton eagerly and excitedly greets his daddy! Daddy takes Paxton outside to play and help him work. While they’re outside, I nurse Weston. While I’m nursing, I check my Twitter stream, answer e-mails and just relax.
6:00 :: I get the diaper covers out of the wash and hang them on the drying rack. I start washing the diaper inserts and prefolds. Paxton is asking to eat so we eat dinner. {How nice it was to have dinner ready with little work thanks to the Crock Pot!}
7:00 :: After dinner, I begin cleaning the kitchen. I put away clean dishes and wash the dirty ones. When I’m finished cleaning, I nurse Weston. While I’m nursing, John David is getting Paxton ready for bed. Once his teeth are brushed and he’s in his jammies, they come into our room where I’m nursing and John David reads Paxton’s Bible story to him and we pray together.
8:00 :: Paxton is in bed and Weston’s belly is full and his daddy is holding him so I take a nice, long, hot shower! After my shower, I join hubby in our room and just relax. We chat and play Words with Friends.
9:00 :: Both boys are sleeping! We talk about our budget, Craigslist sales and chickens (we’re seriously considering getting a couple)! I put the inserts and pre-folds into the dryer and begin picking up the house. Weston wakes up and I nurse him. We then head to our room for the night, talking some more while I do a little blog work.

That’s how I spent 9 am to 9 pm on January 31, 2012. A lot of laundry, fussy babies, feeding and time in the kitchen. During this season in my life, I’m focusing primarily on keeping up with the laundry, keeping diapers clean, preparing meals, keeping the kitchen clean and making sure my children are clean, dry and loved!

You’ll notice I didn’t note any diaper changes, that’s because they happen all day long, it’s just part of life with 2 babies! This was somewhat of a typical day, I normally don’t spend quite as much time in the kitchen but on this day, I was prepping a few things for the freezer which meant more kitchen time.

My husband is off on Mondays so Tuesdays through Friday are typically very similar, with the exception of attending Mom’s Group on Wednesday morning and a late night for my hubby at church on Thursday night (he typically arrives home around 9 pm on Thursdays.)

My life certainly isn’t glamorous, it’s full of dirty diapers, lots of laundry, an endless sink of dishes and fussy children but I’m honestly living my dream. I’ve always wanted to be a mama and I am so thankful that I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband and 2 beautiful sons and that I am able to stay home with them!

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    1. I came across this post : http://moneysavingmom.com/2011/09/do-it-yourself-… on Money Saving Mom. It just so happened that we were out of milk yesterday so I decided to give it a try. It was easy, I didn't really care for the taste, it wasn't horrible, just not good! Paxton liked it and I used some to bake with (the recipe turned out a little more moist than normal but not bad!) I doubt I'll make it more but if we had dairy allergies I'd definitely make it to use as a milk substitute!

    1. I enjoy these type of posts too, they're so 'real'! And I am enjoying these boys even though they keep me busy!! I feel most days that all I do is nurse, fix food & do laundry but I'm thankful I have a sweet family to do those things for! 🙂

  1. Make as many memories as you can while they are babies. They will be grown before you know it but the memories will last forever. For you and for them. love you!

    1. I agree! I'm trying to remember that the changing and washing of diapers and constant feeding of two little boys is a very important calling as well as a huge blessing! And I know they'll be grown so soon, I can hardly believe Paxton is almost 2!!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful day to me! I enjoy my day off of work each week (usually Tuesdays!) and being able to spend time around the house with my kiddos! Oh, and the laundry…I LOVE to do laundry! I never did it growing up (I had a magic hamper named mom…) and once I learned I just took to it and actually enjoy it!

    1. It is a wonderful day (and life). I really think taking these pictures and recording the activities of my day has helped me realize I do get quite a bit done during the day and that almost everything I do is important…even laundry and dishes! And I enjoy laundry too. After 2 years of using a laundromat, I'm thankful I get to do it in my own home!! And I don't really like starting diaper laundry but folding and stuffing the diapers is so much fun…weird, I know! 🙂

  3. This was fun to read! I enjoy getting a peek into another young mom's life! We live all around the country, yet we share so much in common! (I am in NYC). And as for our lives not being glamorous, I agree totally that I am living the life I've always wanted. From a very young age, I couldn't wait to grow up and be a mommy! I think one of the best things is that I can dictate my own schedule – just like you do with yours. It beats working for some boss any day! What a peaceful happy life us homemakers have!

    1. A few days before I did this post I was lamenting that all I ever did was feed children and do laundry! True, I do spend probably 50% of my time simply changing diapers, nursing the baby, preparing food and washing clothes/diapers but my life is so much more than that and even those tasks are important because they're making my children and husband feel loved and taken care of! And I also love being in charge of my days…if I want to declare a lazy pajama day, I can! 🙂

  4. Great post, as always, Rachel! What's ironic is that I am posting about chickens tomorrow (beacuse it's time to start preparing!) and Simple Meals (crockpot and 5 ingredient or less recipes) next week! It must be that season in my life too. 🙂 If you have any questions about getting chicks, you've got my email address. I'd be more than happy to help you out. They are so fun, and it is great to have a pet that creates something for you to eat! I think it'd be a great learning experience for the kiddos too.

    You are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the great work, super mom!

    1. I read your chicken post already, I'll e-mail you if I do have any questions. I mentioned chickens to my hubby a few weeks ago and he's really taken charge of that, researching coops and chicken breeds {he also raised chickens in 4-H as a kid!} I'm looking forward to fresh eggs {organic/free range eggs in the grocery store are ridiculous!} and exposing Paxton to animals/responsibility of caring for them!

  5. Hi Rachel,
    What fun to read about your day! As a foster-mom-in-waiting, this was a good post for me to read. It's SO GOOD to hear from moms who do really enjoy being moms, even with little children.

    If you're interested in homes for chickens, check this website. My husband helps build the chicken tractors, and he made and did all the speaking on the videos. You might check the Patio Perch and the Egg Cart'n Mini.

    1. I really do enjoy my days!! Thanks for sharing, I looked at the website, I love the Yolks Wagon (and the name is even cuter!!) I'll share this with my hubby!

  6. Sounds blissful! I should do a day in a life of a mom to 6….don't think the hubs realizes what I do all day.

    I am just starting to CD Rachel and I owe it to you! Just waiting for my fluffy mail and to get started. Miss Sophie Elise is 4 mos…so that's who we are starting CD with. But it sounds that DH is on board for a few more so they will get some use.

    We also want to move to a farm and have chickens. It sounds like we have a lot in common!

    1. I'd love to read all about your day as a mama to 6! I can't imagine how much busier you must be! Yay for cloth diapering!! I hope you love it, I'm sure since you've already had 5 other babies it won't be icky to you at all! It's a little more laundry but it saves so much money and you don't have any stinky trash!!

  7. Rachel, every single picture of your boys is just adorable! I about melted looking at the first one of them on the bed and then the one with your baby sleeping on your chest! It makes me excited to have another one soon. 🙂

    Did you check out Amy's Finer Things "A Day in the Life" post? You both wrote about what you did throughout the day in between your photos. I liked that. Perhaps if I had done that, then I wouldn't have felt so stupid about my "looking under the couch" and "paying bills before bed" photos. But like I told Amy… If I do it your way next year then I need to be sure I'm having an extra productive day! 😉

    Thanks for sharing your day!

    1. Thank you!! It's wonderful having two, not always easy but so worth it!! Yes, I read Amy's post. My day was somewhat productive but in this season of life productivity is simply keeping the boys in clean diapers and fed as well as keeping up with laundry, cooking and cleaning the kitchen!

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