A Day in My Life

For the past 4 years now, I have recorded a day in my life on a January day and shared about our everyday. This year, I recorded our day but never sat down and posted about the day. I finally have taken the time to write about that day.

Here’s a glimpse into my life as a stay at home, homeschooling mama of 3 on Thursday, January 28, 2016:

Quiet Time7:30 – I’m awake and having a few minutes of quiet to myself. It doesn’t last too long because Cecilia wakes around 7:45 (she almost always gets up 15 minutes after me, whether I get up at 6:30 or 8:00!) I read in my Bible, read a few pages in The MessageHow to Listen to God and For the Children’s Sake.

For the Children's Sake

8:30 – Finishing up a chapter in For the Children’s Sake while Cecilia plays quietly in her room and the boys are still sleeping.


9:30 – By now, everybody is up and moving. I’ve prepped breakfast and have served everyone a big bowl of blueberry oatmeal. We finish up oatmeal, tidy up the kitchen and get dressed for the day.


10:30 – We’re getting our jackets on to head to town to run a few errands. Thursdays are John David’s late work nights (he typically arrives home around 8:30-9:00) so some Thursday’s we break out of our normal school after breakfast routine and do a fun morning activity.

Salvation Army

11:30 – We drop off a few items at Salvation Army and browse the store for a few minutes. No treasures were found on this trip. Then we head to the library, one of our favorite places!Heading Home

12:30 – Heading home from town, prepping and eating lunch.

Lunch and Reading

1:30 – We’re all finished with lunch so we’re reading a few stories before rest time from Illustrated Stories from Aesop that we checked out from the library!

Cecilia's Nap

2:30 – It took awhile but Cecilia is finally asleep, the boys are resting and I enjoy a few moments of quiet and prep for our learning time.


3:30 – We’re in the middle of our lessons for the day. Since my boys are so young, I often sit on the couch and read books to them while they quietly play and then we’ll move into the kitchen for handwriting and math. (This is a page out of Illustrated Elementary Science Dictionary about seeds.)

Tidying the Kitchen

4:30 – Tidying in the kitchen. So much of my days are spent right here cleaning, prepping and cooking food. I’m so thankful that we have an abundance of food and that I am able to nourish my children from my time spent here.

Playing Football

5:30 – Outside for a little while playing football with Paxton. Quality time is one of his love languages and he loves football so kicking and throwing the football around with him makes him feel so loved. We also spent a few minutes weeding some of our garden beds in preparation for spring!


6:30 – I’m heating up dinner. Tonight we’re having leftover chicken soup – one of my very favorite winter foods.

Lego Game

7:30 – We’re in the boys room, playing the Lego game. It’s super simple and so much fun. We grab our Lego bin and a dice and then roll the dice to see how many pieces we can choose to add to our collaborative creation. It’s so much fun to create together.

8:30 – (No picture because I was exhausted and forgot!) Cecilia is in bed asleep, John David has just arrived home and I’m getting the boys to bed.

9:30 – All of my little ones are sleeping, my husband is home and I’m ending my day with a book. The perfect ending to a winter day.

I’m so thankful for these sweet children of mine and that I am able to stay home and educate them. There really is nothing glamorous about my life but I really am living my dream as a wife and mama!

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  1. I have enjoyed your "a day in my life series" each year and re-read them occasionally. So glad you posted this year:) By February, I was thinking you might skip it. Not to sound stalker-ish or anything! Love your blog-Elizabeth

    1. Not stalkerish at all! I love these types of posts too and I'm glad I took the time to write it because I enjoy re-reading them each year too! 🙂

  2. I'm glad you got the chance to share this – I love reading these types of posts! Last fall I finally recorded a day and wrote about it as well!

    I love that your kids sleep in a little! I am at work in the mornings but on the weekends (and I'm told it happens weekdays as well) our kids are up way earlier than we would choose!

    Also, the multi-family garage sale we participate in most years is officially a no-go this year. Motivated by Marie Kondo's book and also your post about not having guilt over donating things, we dropped off a truckload of goods that were in our garage sale pile last weekend! I saved a small amount to (hopefully) sell, started a bag for a friend with a girl Joe's age and sent a few friends texts with photos of things I thought they might want! It felt so, so good! It took some time to come to terms with simply donating it all but I re-read your post several time and just knew inside it was the best thing to do!

  3. Rachel, I apologize for contacting you this way, but I couldn't find any other way on your blog to contact you. Due to the recent changes in Google, I can no longer receive any emails from the "noreply+feedproxy@google.com", which is where your blog emails are generated from (for those who are subscribed via email). I miss getting your posts in my inbox, and I was wondering if you had ever considered using your email address as the return address or using another means of sending them out (such as mailchimp)? If I am no longer getting them, I am wondering if your other subscribers may not be getting them either? Just wanted to bring it to your attention, as I surely miss your posts. It is hard to find time to actually visit all of the blogs I am subscribed to, and it is so much easier to just get them in our inbox!

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