A Day in My Life – 2013

A glimpse into my life as a stay at home mama of two on Monday, January 21, 2013:

Good Morning

8:00 :: I’m out of bed and go get a fussy Weston who is ready to nurse! While he’s nursing, Paxton wakes up and joins us in my bed. Typically while I’m nursing, I am thinking about our day, mainly about what’s for breakfast and lunch!


9:00 :: The boys have started breakfast already and are eating while I’m checking e-mail. {We recently moved the desk and computer into the dining area so it makes multi-tasking a bit easier!} Breakfast usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour! They are so hungry in the mornings and Paxton frequently says, “I still hungry!”

Blog Post

10:00 :: Now that the ‘breakfast hour’ is officially over and the boys are dressed for the day, I sit down and actually write a blog post. Lately, it’s very rare for me to even attempt to write a blog post during the day but they are happily playing together in Paxton’s room so I take advantage of the time. {This 30 minutes or so of them playing together gives me hope that the days will get even easier as Weston is getting older and is beginning to enjoy independent play and playing with brother!}Reading

11:00 :: I’m sitting in bed nursing Weston while reading booksto Paxton. Nursing hasn’t always been this easy during this past year but now that Paxton is turning into a pre-schooler, he loves, loves, loves when I read to him. After Weston finishes nursing, we all head to the dining room to do ‘art stuff’ {that’s what Paxton calls art time}. {Art time is super hard with a young toddler! Weston wants to participate but he tries to eat the crayons and color pencils. I often will give him our magna doodle so he can participate but it doesn’t keep him happy for long. Because of this, art time is rare these days…about once or twice a week.}

Art Time

12:00 :: We’re picking up art supplies and laying out our creations to dry. As soon as the art supplies are picked up, I start prepping lunch since it is noon.

Lunch Time

1:00 :: The boys are almost finished eating lunch. {Again, it’s taken nearly an hour for the boys to eat lunch!} Notice Paxton is missing his shirt, some days it’s just so much easier to take the shirts off and let them eat without worrying about staining clothes. {Most days they wear play clothes that are already stained but this day Paxton was wearing a ‘nice’ shirt that I’d rather not ruin since he doesn’t have that many clothes!}Rest Time

2:00 :: It’s rest time! Paxton is in his room reading and I’m laying down with Weston. My boys are not good nappers. Paxton typically reads and plays quietly during rest time but rarely naps. Weston needs a nap but prefers to be held or nursed while he naps so I frequently nurse him to sleep and then take a nap myself or read beside him. Playing Games

3:00 :: Rest time is over and Paxton wants to play. We used Old Maid cards to play ‘memory’. Of course, the game didn’t last long since little brother wants to be right in on the action which to him is in the middle of our game. We put the game up and play with blocks and read books. Washing Dishes

4:00 :: I’m finally washing up breakfast and lunch dishes while the boys eat a snack.

Starting Seeds

5:00 :: The boys are playing at the moment so I take advantage and start some seeds! This week we started cabbage and onions since they’re cooler weather crops. I’m looking forward to watching these grow. {And, notice my upcycled starting ‘pots’? Egg cartons and pots from plants we purchased last spring!}

Dinner Prep

6:00 :: Hubby is now home and we’ve spent the past 30 minutes in the garage preparing for our baby chicks which are arriving in a few weeks! {We’re going to have backyard chickens again this year and are so excited!}  I come in right at 6 and start dinner. We had stove grilled pork chops, baked fries and fried apples, yum!Dinner Time

7:00 :: Finishing up dinner, getting ready to clear the dishes and get the boys ready to pick up toys and read books before bed.

8:00 :: Paxton is reading with his daddy, I’m nursing Weston in bed and crocheting. A wonderful end for a January day! Weston goes down around 8:30. I’m ready to stop since I’ve been going for 12 hours at this point but I still have to clean up the kitchen, tidy the house and prep for the next day. John David and I typically spend the evenings reading, occasionally watching a show and relaxing.

That’s 9 am to 9 pm in January 2013!

In January 2012, I also recorded a day in my life. One year ago I had a 1-month-old and 21-month-old. In that post, I wrote :

During this season in my life, I’m focusing primarily on keeping up with the laundry, keeping diapers clean, preparing meals, keeping the kitchen clean and making sure my children are clean, dry and loved!

While the boys are a bit easier now, one year later, I’m still in that same season of life and those are still my main priorities.

My days Monday through Thursday are very similar to this one. I love the ‘calm’ days spent at home with my boys! I attend a Mom’s Group at church on Wednesday mornings and we’ll schedule a play date about once a month but for the most part, this is an accurate glimpse into my life.

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  1. I love it! So much like the days when we're all home. As a stay-at-home parent, you get to know your kids and see their growth in such an intimate way. During the school year, and when summer begins, I am always so surprised at how much I need to get re-acquainted with my daughter. Her daddy, who stays at home with her, is always the expert, though. ____I love the picture of you and Weston laying down together.

  2. I love getting an inside look into people's lives, and your day sounds BUSY! I'm impressed with how patient and calm you seem even though you've got 2 boys that demand a lot of your attention. Those fried apples look yummy. 🙂

    1. The days certainly are full and quite busy. And motherhood is teaching me patience, I'm far from perfect in that area but improving. And, the apples were very good!

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend the day! It's fun seeing how you spend your day! I have been meaning to do a post like this – mainly so I can look back on it and remember how crazy life was at this time!

  4. Your boys are adorable! And certainly keep you busy. 🙂 What a sweet pic of you two napping together. Those apples look delish too! Thanks for sharing your day in the life.

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