A Cleaning Routine

Last week’s home management project was creating a cleaning routine.

My intentions were to re-establish the routine that I had in place before Weston was born. I used to iron on Mondays, clean the bathrooms thoroughly on Tuesdays, sweep on Wednesdays and so on.

However, I’ve realized that I already am following a bit of a routine with cleaning, it’s just not formal.

Some examples:

  • While the boys are in the tub, I clean the sink and wipe off the tub.
  • The toilet area is cleaned with disinfectant spray at least once a day now because Paxton uses the potty now and is quite messy!
  • I wash diapers when the pail is full.
  • If there is enough laundry for a load, I do laundry.
  • I sweep/vacuum when the floors are looking really bad.
  • I do a ‘declutter sweep’ about once a month which really helps keep clutter at bay!
  • I wash dishes or load the dishwasher every day. There is something about having a clean kitchen that makes the entire house feel clean.
  • I make up the bed every morning. {Unless we’re leaving the house and I’m in a bit of a rush.} 
I no longer have a routine written out and I’m not following any guidelines or rules for cleaning, I’m just cleaning when I need to and taking steps to prevent becoming overwhelmed {staying on top of the laundry and dishes!}

This may not work for you and that’s completely fine but in my season of life, I’m learning that there are more important things than having a super tidy home and following strict routines.

I’d love to hear if you follow a cleaning routine!

Be sure to visit Mary Jo at Covenant Homemaking and read about her cleaning routine. She’s using the Motivated Moms Chore Planner which gives you tasks for the day! I had never heard of Motivated Moms until reading Mary Jo’s post and I just might purchase the chore planner for 2013 {I’ll have a 1-year-old by then and it will really be time for a bit more structure!}

This week there’s nothing new to do, we’re just continuing to maintain our homes!

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  1. Each day when I get home from work I have a routine. I start in the kitchen. If Jason didn't get the dishes done, I do them. From there I touch up the counters and sweep if necessary (litter box in the kitchen corner = LOTS of sweeping.) I then tidy up the living room and Amelia's room before my shower! I try to limit myself to 30 minutes from the time I get home to the time I get in the shower.

    Laundry on the other hand… I used to do a load a day but currently Joe has no PJS (he's been sleeping in bodysuits and t-shirts for over a week now) and Amelia is out of "summer" bottoms. We're making it work. I know I need to get the laundry done but I've let it pile up so much that I am totally and completely overwhelmed at where to start. Then I start thinking, if I pick back up on a load a day it will take all week to feel like I've made progress! *sigh* Maybe tomorrow will be the day I finally tackle this!

  2. I have more of loose routine – do diapers when they are low, laundry a couple times a week, I try to have all the dishes done before bed (slacked the past few days though), and try to vacuum, mop, and bathrooms on the weekend.

    I love how you do part of the bathroom during bath time – I'm going to start doing it! I know it could a midweek clean and that won't take me anymore time!

  3. I am working on getting back into a routine too! I try to do the dishes at night and unload the dishwasher in the morning. I do a load of laundry every day between diapers, linens, and clothes. (I've noticed that with a minimal wardrobe, laundry gets done sooner or I won't have something to wear!) I have to sweep every day after meals. My husband does the vacuuming every other day– the sound scares our kids so I take them outside while he does it. 🙂 The parts that I find hard are dusting, bathroom, and cleaning out the fridge. I don't have a lot of leftovers or produce going bad, but I do have enough that the fridge needs a purge every two weeks.

  4. I don't have a regular routine as it wouldn't fit with my irregular working hours. I do break cleaning tasks into small parts and keep a list of what needs to be done. I then fit those tasks around my day. For example, clean the sink whilst I am waiting for my dinner to cook or do the washing up whilst the commercial breaks are on whilst watching TV.

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