I have a small wardrobe so I try to mix and match as much as I can. I stick with a color scheme, currently it is black, grey, teal and purple. That may seem boring but I l love wearing these colors.

I wanted to share some mix and match outfits to show you how versatile a small wardrobe can be if you have coordinating items.

I pulled eight pieces from my closet and came up with thirteen different looks just using these eight items.

The Eight Pieces:

Black Cowboy Boots, Paisley Dress, Grey Sweater, Black Tee, Teal Scarf, Skinny Jeans, Black Tights, Teal Skinnies

 The Thirteen Looks: 

1. Black Tee, Teal Skinnies & Boots

2. Paisley Dress, Teal Skinnies & Boots

3. Grey Sweater, Teal Skinnies & Boots

4. Paisley Dress, Black Tights & Boots

5. Paisley Dress, Teal Scarf, Black Tights & Boots

6. Grey Sweater, Black Tights & Boots

7. Grey Sweater, Teal Scarf, Black Tights & Boots

8. Grey Sweater, Teal Scarf, Jeans & Boots

9. Grey Sweater,  Jeans & Boots

10. Paisley Dress,  Jeans & Boots

11. Paisley Dress, Teal Scarf, Jeans & Boots

12. Black Tee, Jeans & Boots

13. Black Tee, Teal Scarf, Jeans & Boots

It’s really amazing how a few coordinating items can result in so many different outfit options. When you add in a few more items, like a different pair of shoes, a chunky necklace or another top,  you have even more looks.

Here I am wearing outfit #13 (Black Tee, Teal Scarf, Jeans) but I replaced the Black Cowboy Boots with flats, giving the outfit a different look. Another scarf or a bold necklace would change up the look too.

Coordinating items is my ‘wardrobe secret’ that helps make a minimal wardrobe possible!

I challenge you to ‘shop your closet’ sometime this weekend and pull out coordinating items and see how many mix and match options you have!

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