8 Clothing Items, 13 Outfits

I have a small wardrobe so I try to mix and match as much as I can. I stick with a color scheme, currently it is black, grey, teal and purple. That may seem boring but I l love wearing these colors.

I wanted to share some mix and match outfits to show you how versatile a small wardrobe can be if you have coordinating items.

I pulled eight pieces from my closet and came up with thirteen different looks just using these eight items.

The Eight Pieces:

Black Cowboy Boots, Paisley Dress, Grey Sweater, Black Tee, Teal Scarf, Skinny Jeans, Black Tights, Teal Skinnies

 The Thirteen Looks: 

1. Black Tee, Teal Skinnies & Boots

2. Paisley Dress, Teal Skinnies & Boots

3. Grey Sweater, Teal Skinnies & Boots

4. Paisley Dress, Black Tights & Boots

5. Paisley Dress, Teal Scarf, Black Tights & Boots

6. Grey Sweater, Black Tights & Boots

7. Grey Sweater, Teal Scarf, Black Tights & Boots

8. Grey Sweater, Teal Scarf, Jeans & Boots

9. Grey Sweater,  Jeans & Boots

10. Paisley Dress,  Jeans & Boots

11. Paisley Dress, Teal Scarf, Jeans & Boots

12. Black Tee, Jeans & Boots

13. Black Tee, Teal Scarf, Jeans & Boots

It’s really amazing how a few coordinating items can result in so many different outfit options. When you add in a few more items, like a different pair of shoes, a chunky necklace or another top,  you have even more looks.

Here I am wearing outfit #13 (Black Tee, Teal Scarf, Jeans) but I replaced the Black Cowboy Boots with flats, giving the outfit a different look. Another scarf or a bold necklace would change up the look too.

Coordinating items is my ‘wardrobe secret’ that helps make a minimal wardrobe possible!

I challenge you to ‘shop your closet’ sometime this weekend and pull out coordinating items and see how many mix and match options you have!

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  1. Did you get your teal skinnys thrifted or from a retail store? My color pallete is very similar to yours and I have been looking for a pair of purple or teal skinnys for a while now and haven't had much luck. This is a great idea and I am excited to see how many outifits I can create with just a few significant pieces! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I purchased the teal skinnies at Belk (they were marked down and I used a gift card and only spent $1.50 out of pocket! Woo-hoo!) They were from the juniors department but cover my entire bottom! I don't have to worry about them being too low when I bend down, which is very important for a mama. 🙂

  2. Those outfits all look great and what is cool is that they look suitable for different occasions. I have a French friend and she has a tiny wardrobe yet always looks tres chic. She says that is normal for French women and cannot understand why American and British women have so many clothes.

  3. Wow, some great combinations. I will venture into my wardrobe as you suggest and see if I can achieve something similar.

  4. I found this post super encouraging! I have to rebuild my wardrobe after baby two… my hips widened and I have a few pounds lingering that I am not worrying about because I am breastfeeding and know my body is doing what it can. I think I do that whole… oh this is on sale I'll buy it… and then feel like I have nothing to wear! Working on that one. 🙂

    1. I'm glad this was encouraging! Shop your closet for a few mix and match pieces and see if there is anything you need to fill in the gaps. Especially in the postpartum months, I'd rather have a teeny wardrobe that I feel good in than feeling like I have nothing to wear/feel like everything accentuates the wrong places! And, those extra pounds are worth it for a healthy breastfeeding baby! 🙂

  5. I just found your blog Rachel and I love it!! I've been on the journey to simplicity for a few weeks now and I've been so encouraged looking through your archives!!! I'm trying to tackle the wardrobe which is proving to be the hardest area for me, after sorting through all my clothes and getting rid of what I didn't like, what was ill fitting and what I never wore…well I'm not left with much. I wonder if you have any advice for someone who is trying to build a small wardrobe like your own that can be mixed and matched to create many looks. How do I choose what pieces to go with? I'm having a hard time knowing where to start as I've always been a clearance shopper who ends up with a bunch of cheap, ill-fitting clothes that don't go together!! I'm not even sure I know my style since I never ventured too far from the clearance section.
    Also I do really like the look of those mary janes you are wearing in the above picture, might I ask who the maker is?

    1. I'm glad you found the blog Diana! Yay for your journey towards simplicity. For me, the key to a small, versatile wardrobe is picking a color scheme that works for you. I chose black as my base color (for shoes/bags/coats) and have no browns in my wardrobe. Then I chose accent colors that I love and feel great in. My favorites are black, grey, turquoise and dark purple. (You'll see my favorites in the clothes/accessories in this post!) For building a small wardrobe, find 2 pair of jeans you love and feel great in, buy a classic black (or brown, if that's your color choice) t-shirt and another solid shirt that you love. When you add in a few colorful scarves and chunky necklaces those 4 pieces (2 jeans and 2 shirts) give you a great foundation for the beginnings of a mix and match wardrobe. I also was a clearance shopper before simplifying my wardrobe and had a closet full of clothes but always felt like there was nothing to wear. Even though I have fewer clothes now, I really feel like I have more options since everything coordinates and I feel great in it all. And, the shoes are Crocs, I actually ended up getting rid of them because they weren't incredibly comfortable even though they are cute! Hope this helps….feel free to ask anymore questions! 🙂

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