31 Days to Living Intentionally Simple

Intentionally Simple is all about living a life that is a little bit slower, with less stuff and less stress.

Simplifying is not easy, especially in the beginning but taking small steps towards simple living can result in big changes.

Over the past few months, I’ve been taking steps towards simplifying my cleaning routines, meal planning and our wardrobes. The result of having a simplified home makes my role as a homemaker easier with more time to have fun with my boys and husband!

I know I’m not alone in my desire to spend more time with family and less time cleaning.

Do you want to simplify your life?

Join me this month in taking small steps each day towards living intentionally simple.

Each day I’ll be sharing a simple task and by the end of the month, we’ll have decluttered, organized and simplified our homes and lives!

Day 1 Project : Commit to 1 in, 1 out all month.  

It’s hard to simplify your home when it’s cluttered. We’re going to take steps this month to reduce clutter but a key to clutter free living is preventing clutter. Before purchasing new things, ask yourself if its something you really need. This will help keep clutter out and save you a little money. If you do make purchases, for every thing that comes into your home, one thing must go.

Are you in? Let me know if you’re committing to 1 in, 1 out this month and joining me for the 31 days of October in an attempt to live intentionally simple!

Links to 31 Days to Living Intentionally Simple:

Day 2 : Simplifying in the Kitchen 

Day 3 : Decluttering in the Kitchen

Day 4 : Clearing off the Kitchen Counters

Day 5 : Simplifying in the Master Bedroom

Day 6 : Purging the Master Closet

Day 7 : Menu Planning

Day 8 : Tidying the Master Bedroom

Day 9 : Decluttering in the Bathroom

Day 10 : Cleaning the Bathroom

Day 11 : Tackling a Closet

Day 12 : Cleaning the Car

Day 13 : Donating Your Clutter

Day 14 : A Day of Rest

Day 15 : Decluttering in the Living Room

Day 16 : Cleaning the Living Room

Day 17 : Cleaning Out Your Purse

Day 18 : Decluttering Children’s Spaces

Day 19 : Organizing Children’s Spaces

Day 20 : Cleaning in Children’s Spaces

Day 21 : A Day of Rest

Day 22 : Organizing the Guest Room, Office or a Closet

Day 23 : Let’s Talk Laundry

Day 24 : Staying on Top of the Laundry

Day 25 : Declutter Sweep

Day 26 : Cleaning Routine

Day 27 : Donate Decluttered Stuff

Day 28 : Making Menu Planning a Habit

Day 29 : Knock Out Something You’ve Been Putting Off

Day 30 : Commit to Keeping it Simple

Day 31 : Enjoy Living an Intentionally Simple Life


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  1. I'm in! I am working hard at simplifying my home but being a working mom keeps getting in my way – I just need more time in my home!!!!! I need all the tips/help I can get and your blog has continued to be a great inspiration to me! I am looking forward to this month of steps to living simpler!

  2. I will be buying my first home next year so am trying to declutter at the moment as I don't want to lug lots of rubbish across the country. I will also be thinking carefully about what I buy.

    1. Moving really makes you realize how much stuff you have. We moved 4 times in 3 years and after each move I found myself desiring to live more simply. It's kind of sickening to see all the stuff come out of your home and fill up a large truck!

  3. I am definitely in on this one! My husband and I already practice this for the most part, since we are on a strict budget, nothing comes in, unless something has already gone out 😉

  4. Me too I'm late but I'm going to try this also. There are 12 people living in this home, adults and children. So if anyone has some extra time please pray for me.

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